Lynn Nottage’s new play, Ruined (Manhattan Theatre Club, 3/8/09), rewrites Mother Courage and Her Children in the context of war in the. Complete summary of Lynn Nottage’s Ruined. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ruined. From Lynn Nottage, the Obie Award-winning author of such plays as Fabulation and Intimate Apparel, comes this haunting, probing work about the resilience of.

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If you are a sentient being you already know that rape is a weapon used by all sides, and this play gives us a glimpse into the lives of Congolese women in this particular war.

Alexis Soloski: Is Lynn Nottage’s Ruined a worthy Pulitzer prizewinner? | Stage | The Guardian

But I thank Lynn Nottage for writing a play about the violence against women in the Congo – and another play that black folk like me can be in. Nominated as finalists in Drama in Women and even children are being attacked by multiple men, often in public and in front of their husbands, kids and neighbors.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama I don’t know what it’s about books about race and war, but I can’t seem to get into most of them. She is the beauty of the bunch, and the lengths that Mama Nadi a hard woman goes to protect Sophie is really very heart breaking. And although they hate their jobs, these women consider it nice work, considering the horrors they endured before.

The war has torn apart civilians and the villages are pillaged. What a powerful narrative to tell the story of women who are tired of their bodies becoming battlegrounds, but keep lybn strength and ruind for their freedom, autonomy, home, runed their hopes.

Linda Winer theater criticNewsday. Jun 10, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Lynn Nottage shows that even a depressing circumstance like the nottagge of an African civil war can bring forth humanity and redemption.

Yes, the violence will perhaps continue to roll on, but this does not mean there are no Congolese men like Christian who are nurturing and loving and supportive, African men who will want to form families and relationships with women like Mama Nadi. A seamless synthesis of social-justice politics, edge-of-your-seat suspense and uncommon love story, Ruined brings audiences emotionally closer to the realities of a region where women have been violated and mutilated with sticks and bayonets by soldiers, where families have driven rape victims from their communities, where sexual torture has resulted in noottage or infection or death.


Ruined is about horrors, and it took nottagf to a place of my mind I dislike for too long.

Brecht wrote a socialist epic about business during a time of war, where goodness and virtues are not rewarded. Whole villages are destroyed, decimated by large equipment and greedy people. What is going on in the D. For his wide ranging reviews of art, from Manhattan to China, marked by acute observation, luminous writing and dramatic storytelling.

On Lynn Nottage’s Ruined

I don’t really see ylnn as a play. Inspired by interviews the author conducted in Africa with Congo refugees, this it both an engrossing and horrifying read. It made for brutal, infuriating, heart-breaking reading — I can only imagine the impact it would have as a performed play.

Preview — Ruined by Lynn Nottage. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Lynn Nottage’s Ruined: a worthy Pulitzer prizewinner?

Jul 24, Sookie rated it really liked it Shelves: Ruined’s most profound achievement is its investigation of people forming personal identities from a constantly shifting political climate, and she is equal parts scientific and humane.

Its simplicity of expression paired with a complexity of human emotion may be the thing that raises this play above its fellows. In her plays, as ruoned her life, Lynn Nottage is an intrepid traveler. Some of the character dynamics would likely be better explored on the stage with physical space and spoken dialogue to play with than on paper. To think I’m only getting started with it!

Nottage, the wide-ranging and increasingly confident author of Intimate Apparel and Fabulation or, the Re-Education of Undinehooks her audience with promises of a conventionally structured, purposefully plotted play, stocked with sympathetic characters and informative topical detail. It was fascinating and devastating.

This process both literalizes and culturally endorses the idea of blaming the victim. Only his niece, Sophie, has been “r Ruined is an example of writing trying to expose a part of the world without casting a judgement on it. I don’t know, it seemed more realistically positive about the situation than many could be but what is the point? Perhaps not coincidentally Ruined premiered during the same months that Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan, became president of the U.


The traveling salesman, Christian, is one other such lost soul. There isn’t any action in the play, of If is it, there is very little.

It is a story that has comic aspects, tragedy, and ultimately healing. Full review to come! The play highlights the use of rape in war. This is a devastating play with air-tight structure. It was about human trafficking in the Dominion Republic of the Congo. Pulitzer prize winning play about civil war in the Congo and the women in a brothel. Retrieved from ” https: She is addicted to excursions and research, which she blames, in part, for her being so unprolific: Reading a book can be a comforting, warming experience.

Ruined (play) – Wikipedia

Ruined means that a woman is so brutally raped that she cannot even turn to prostitution to support herself which could be a ‘logical’ choice following the rejection by her community and famil My interest in this play stems from ongoing reading about women in ruied Congo as well as this author’s Lynn Nottage trip to Uganda.

Warily, Mama Nadi offers shelter, but the women are required to pull their weight. This play duined with war-ravished Congo.

With forceful yet matter-of-fact restraint, without being preachy or educational or fashionably in-your-face, Ruined calls attention to the atrocious way that sexual violence is used in Congo, and it is often indescribable. The story is drawn from life: A little radiator that you fire up inside your belly and brain. However, the word ‘ruined’ survives from Brecht; both the meaning and the interpretation changes several times during the play.

Aug 02, Si Squires-Kasten rated it it was amazing Shelves: On my blog, I have posted YouTube clips of performances with some music! The men that come through are also at risk of getting caught up or recruited in the conflict.