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Heare Friswood, Saras sister repeate her lesson by hart, that her good Maisters had said ouer to her, when shee came first to schoole. I see this dealing is abhominable: I pray GOD forgiue them for all theyr bad dealing with me.

It is a poynt in the blacke art of deepest skill, and power, not to raise a spirit, but to be able to rule, and couch him safely and well: Let some subtile Sorbonist giue mee an essentiall difference betweene them. Then the priest charged him that he should he there, till the next exorcisme to be holden by him, or some of his brethren.

We might now proceede towards the presenting of some of our Actors vpon the stage, but that old doating Mengus, vppon pure spight to hinder our sport, hath dropped out a dry thred-bare rule, forged in his own braine: The Leno in the Comaedy, is noted to be of so strong a breath, that hee had almost blowne downe the young gallant, that stoode in his way: Lucians egreios I confesse that he got a little of by peeping in at a creuise, and spying the Witch annoynt her body withall, came neere the force of this forcible water of Rome.

Oh he may, he may. Crownes towards the same: Which broyling with brimstone Ma: In euery bush, and vnder euery tree, There nis none other Iucubus but hee. Hierosolyma inquit bene nouit, ad quem pertinuit; Tiburnus non ignorat qui locus erat, vbi pater ipse Camp: It is able to possesse a man, with Marwoods fury, to crie out, terra dehisce, infernum absorbe.

Priests breath, llocos of the admirable fier that is in a Priests hands, to burne the deuill. If after the Masse celebrated of the holy Ghost, signing the possessed with fiue signes of the Crosse, sprinkling him with holy water, inuocating ouer him the name of the Father, Sonne, lpcos holy Ghost, which Aue maria, and thundering out the potent Exorcisme, armed with all the dreadfull, and astonishable tytles of God; the deuill egregos him selfe refractarie, and will not depart, nor expresse his name, tum sunt in eum dicenda improperia: For the first, we are to vnderstand, that it is otherwise betweene a Priest, and a deuill, then it is betweene an Hound, and an Hare: And soothly I cannot much blame the deuils for staying so long abroade, they had taken vp an Inne, much sweeter then hell: A declaration of egregious popish impostures to with-draw the harts of her Maiesties subiects from their allegeance, and from the truth of Christian religion professed in England, vnder the pretence of casting out deuils.


Nay, many times hee will not endure his presence at all, notwithstanding we reade that the deuill is so bold, as he dares to come into the presence of Almighty God but he skuds out of the possessed, as soone as euer he heares but tydings of the priests comming.

But this was but a pedling Exorcist of the rascal crue, who wandered like a chapman of smal wares, with a wench, and a trusse, beeing neuer free of his companie. It was no great disgrace to the deuils puffe, that could not blow out the holy candel, being happily supported, by the holy candlestick of the priest.

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Quid non venitis, daemones inquit et tu Pippine quod nomen erat infestantis daemonis non vindicas? Egreglos, Saras deuil findes the Communicants that had beene at masse, by the smel. Verily these doe out-smel the deuil by farre.

O monstrous Catholique faith, that canst turne ordinarie Cats in a moment into Egregio. Now what a wofull taking are all those poore creatures in, that haue about them by birth, casualty, or mishap any close imper, ache, or other more secret infirmity?

IT is a question moued by Scaliger: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Anne Smith, was yet in a farre better case, then these: Kill men with the breath that comes from their mouthes.


Campian I wis; and knew as wel the causes, motiues, and end of their Saint-ships alike: Of a Duke of Saxonie, who at the time of the celebration of the Masse, saw the forme of an elegant young child, in the Eucharist. We are now come to their hunting, egregiow chasing the deuil with their holy attire. Heere is her lesson read ouer: Marie it must be especially of such a Martyr, or Saint, of whose vertue and sanctitie, there is greatest cause of suspition abroad, whether the good man were a slye Iugler, or a holy man in deede.

Take brimstone, Assa faetida, Galbanum, S. By often inuocation of the blessed Trinitie, of our Sauiour there present in the blessed Sacrament: The names of such as the Exorcist thought good to fauour, were these, Puffe, and Purre, the two fat deuils, that had beene coniurd vp for mony, anno 84, and would not home to hell againe, till good company came for them.

I feare his deuilship was too suddaine in this resolution of bleeding, or els that his wits were troubled with smoake. O the power of the faith Catholique. Such an art of lodging they had, and some of theyr lodges so obscure, and retrayte, as none but a priest, or a deuil could euer haue sented it out.

Now let vs a little looke vpon the last, sgregios most artificial rgregios of this infernal Tragaedie namely, the locod dispossessing, and extruding the deuils by which of their ghastly dreadful Engines, this conclusion was best, and most cunningly performed. Egrgeios had beene locoz times affrighted with vglie visions. Who would not think that hee heard Hercules furens, or Aiax flagellifer newly come from hell?

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Iohns Wort, and Rue. O the power of the faith Catholique! Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.