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The Libri of Aleister Crowley is a list of texts mostly written or adapted by Aleister Crowley. VII, 7, A, Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli, Adumbratio Kabbalæ Ægypt sub figura VII, — Crowley: ‘being the Voluntary Emancipation of a certain Exempt . Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema, designated his works as belonging to one of several Liber VII: Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli—These are the Birth Words of a Master of the Temple. Its 7 Chapters are referred to the 7 Planets in the. LIBER LIBERI VEL LAPIDIS LAZULI. ADYMBRATIO KABBALAE AEGYPTIORUM. SUB FIGURA VII. Being the Voluntary Emancipation of a certain Exempt Adept.

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Come, let us sing to thee, Iacchus invisible, Iacchus triumphant, Iacchus indicible! I shall gain the Pain of the Goat for my prize; and the God that sitteth upon the shoulders of Time shall drowse. Why hast Thou whispered so ambiguous things? For our red powder of projection is beyond all possibilities. Why should I go on? I ache for Thee, I wander very lonely among the mad folk, in the grey land of desolation. Please send any feedback, requests, or corrections to webmaster oto-usa.

Libri of Aleister Crowley – Wikipedia

Kapidis end to the sevenfold speech. We understand the rapture of that shaken marble, torn by the throes of the crowned child, the golden rod of the golden God. We parted thence; ever to the smaller, ever to the greater, until now, O sweet God, we are ourselves, the same.

Proof read and edited by Frater D. Let us make ourselves into a pleasant bait, into a seductive shape! Thou hast health; kiber thyself in the fervour of thine abandonment unto Our Lady. There the lovely One shall spread us His holy banquet.

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It shall stand erect upon the high mountain; only my God shall commune with it. They spear the wicked.

I will build it of a single ruby; it shall be seen from afar off. Aleister Crowleythe founder of Thelemadesignated his works as belonging to one of several classes.

Let there be nothing! I am greater than the fox and the hole.

There is none other beside Thee in the whole Universe of Love. There shall be a sigil as of a vast black brooding ocean of death and the central blaze of darkness, radiating its night upon all. I see Thee as a nymph with her white limbs stretched by the spring.

I cried aloud the word— libeeri it was a mighty spell to bind the Invisible, an enchantment to unbind the bound; yea, to unbind the bound. Let the spout of blood quench Thy blood-thirst, O my God!

According to this interpretation, which appears to be Crowley’s as well, the purpose of the Comment is to allow others to interpret Liber Al vel Legis for themselves; in other words, no one is to preach its contents or tell you their understanding of it is the one true understanding. At other times, it is considered to be lzpidis different document. It is the wine that tinges everything with liveri true tincture of infallible lapiis.

Across the Gulf — Crowley: Not all of his work was placed in a class by him. Travelling through space, I saw the onrush of two galaxies, butting each other and goring like bulls upon earth.

The Holy Books of Thelema

If I number them, they are One. Who is this Neapolitan boy that laughs in his lliberi Yet the music of my spears shall be a song of freedom. The Classic of Purity, — by Ko Yuen. Thus they ceased fight, and turned upon me, and I was sorely crushed and torn. Wail, O ye ljberi of the grey land, for we have drunk your wine, and left ye but the bitter dregs. O Thou great hooded sun of glory, cut off these eyelids!


Thou shalt crush me in the wine-press of Thy love.

O my God, spare me! Nature shall die out; she hideth me, closing mine eyelids with fear, she hideth me from My destruction, O Thou open eye. Even from the brave river they reach to the edge of the wilderness. Yet Pertinax brought me to the bridal.

Then said Ithuriel the strong; let Us also worship this invisible marvel! How shall I come forth into the light?

Libri of Aleister Crowley

I remember how we drenched the bitter lakes with our torrent of gold; how we sank the treasurable image in the crater of Citlaltepetl. There is a tongue and a flame; I see that trident walking over the sea. Verily, I remember those iron days. I await Thee in sleeping, in waking. Therefore I went wildly with the girls into Liebri and there we abode and rejoiced.

Thou shalt be like a little red worm on a hook. There are deep secrets in these songs. These loosen the swathings of the corpse; these unbind the feet of Osiris, so that the flaming God may rage through the firmament with his fantastic spear. I remember the days when I was cacique in Mexico. Thou art harder than tempered steel; there is no kazuli beside Thee. O God of mine, Thou art like a little white goat with lightning in his horns! Thou wast like a flake of snow falling in the pine-clad woods.