Liana Badr is a well-known Palestinian novelist, and short story writer, also a journalist, poet and cinema director. Born in in Jerusalem, she was raised in. Liana Badr was born in in Jerusalem to a nationalist family, and was Badr published her first novel in Beyrouth in , A Compass for the Sunflower. Liana Badr is a Palestinian writer who was born in Jerusalem and left Jericho as a teenager during the Arab-Israeli conflic. She is a prolific writer of novels.

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Born in in Jerusalem, she was raised in Jericho, studied at the University of Jordan, and graduated from the Beirut Arab University with a BA in philosophy bzdr psychology.

Liana Badr – World Literature in Translation | Center for the Art of Translation

I learned how to climb them, and how to run and hide behind their branches when children gathered to play there in the late afternoon, or when it was time to pick their fruits. Jerusalem is one of the few cities in which people from every corner of the world meet, intersect, and share stories with pure affection, ,iana of their everyday realities, their beliefs, or their cultural backgrounds.

Her works have been translated into a number of languages. We never considered Palestine to be a place only we were invested in. It was confiscated by Israel when it annexed land belonging to the Arab University in Jerusalem, along with the land of the Issawiyah neighborhood just next door. I would hide from the summer sun behind its vast green leaves and its scarlet-colored fruit, and from its branches, I would construct steps that would take me up to the height of the sky.


Get Piana on iTunes. Published by Tobgal in Morocco, this epic novel is based on seven years of research into Palestinian women refugees baddr history. Because of her, there is not a single step or part of the Old City I do not know.

Jerusalem was the place where I first felt a sense of belonging to human baxr, among its narrow alleyways, old corners, and holy places. Samira Kawar, 4 collections of short stories, two poetry collections and four books of essays.

She was not able to complete her MA due to the Lebanese civil war. I consider myself to be laina descendent of three cities, one could say a trinity, in Palestine. Denys Johnson-Davies- 70 years translating Arabic literature. I was formed in the same way that bread is formed from wheat, water, and salt, and in the low fire of writing, I cook up my gadr slowly. By Nathalie Handal Special Series: Want to know which Banipal issue an author is in? It interweaves the narratives of two women and one man recounting their successive uprootings: Peter Clark and The Eye of the Mirror, trans.

Receive Our Newsletter For news of readings, events and new titles. At liaha time, I thought that I would grow up to act just like her, and for that reason, I started to collect pictures of actors and actresses from the time I was eight years old.

After the Palestinian exodus from Lebanon, she lived in Damascus, Tunis, Amman, and returned to Palestine in Hebron City of Birth: This first novel was published by Dar Ibn Ruchd in Beirut, to wide acclaim. Liana Badr is a well-known Palestinian novelist, and short story writer, also a journalist, poet and cinema director. I lived and grew up in two of them, Jerusalem and Jericho, and I chose to belong to the third: This short story collection was published by Dar el Adab in Beirut.


I would cut up their pictures and glue them into my notebooks. It was translated in into English by Interlink, NY.

Liana Badr

The owners served water pipes near the Damascus Gate. This book was published by Dar el Fata el Arabi in Cairo.

I exhausted the members of my family, who would bavr desperately to get me to climb down from the berry tree I loved and refused to leave. There are even engravings in Dair Salahiyya that are said to make a complete map of Jerusalem dating back to the first Christian era.

In that beautiful house, I learned the elegant art of language while in the company of my extended family because my father, a political detainee, was often absent. Badr published her first novel in Beyrouth in”A Compass for the Sunflower”. Her name is Suheir Al-Hajj and we are now in constant communication despite the fact that she lives on another continent.