Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Ed Leedskalnin’s MAGNETIC CURRENT Rock Gate. edleedskalnin_wheel. “I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the.

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An educated person is one whose senses are refined. The word electron actually comes from the Greek word for ‘amber’. Go Forth And Teach.

Top Posts The Book of Enoch: This illustrates why magnetic currents in nature are alternating as Leedskalnin tells us. River rated it liked it Oct 12, Set up the three-foot magnet so it can turn, put the coil with core in it in the U shape magnet, now approach the three-foot magnet’s South Pole with the U shape magnet’s South Pole.

To take the magnet out from rod ends approach or touch the rod end with the same kind of magnet that is in the rod, by dipping the rod ends in iron filings, you will see how it works. Many stones show strange curtent or scrape marks, as if the surface has been soft during tooling. leedksalnin

Magnetic Current

When the coil moves magneic of the U shape magnet’s effective distance the currents running stop. When amber was rubbed against an object such as fur it would display electro static capabilities. Read the booklet “Magnetic Current” then you will know what the thing is, and the way it runs through a wire. Turn it slowly while moving it forward.


Magnetic Current By Edward Leedskalnin (PDF)

Your electric motor is turned around on its axis by north and south pole magnets. Put those magnets together with ends even, then let them loose, then you will see that they will roll away and if the magnets be stronger then they will roll away farther. Here is the way in which the North ucrrent South Pole individual magnet currents ran while you pushed the coil from West to East through the field magnet. One current alone if it be North Pole magnet current or South Pole magnet current it cannot run alone.

Open Preview See a Problem? And the orientation of the PMD poliarity and its connection to the flywheel.

Wes also conjectured that the reason mqgnetic MIB are trying to trip up Mylow is that once people understand how his motor lerdskalnin, they will be able to get John Searl’s anti-gravity generators to work as well, inasmuch as it works off the same core principle. An Alnico magnet about three inches long, two and one-half inches wide, one-inch thick. Now put the’ battery North side, positive terminal East, negative terminal West, connect West end of the copper wire with negative terminal, connect East end.

There will be an illustrated book of Magnetic Current with clear pictures and text for sale. The pyramid casing stones are light in density and contain numerous trapped air bubbles, unlike the quarry samples which are uniformly dense.


You only got in the steel wire very small part of the magnets that came out of the copper wire. It is only 20 miles from me.

Review:Magnetic Current by Edward Leedskalnin –

Put bar’s North Pole end in coil’s South Pole end, run current in the coil for awhile, take the bar out, now you have a stronger permanent magnet, but the poles are reversed.

That will show, to make magnetic currents, the time is important. Leedksalnin provides experiments and demonstrates the results to support his claims about the magmetic magnet.

Magnetic Current was first published in and the only source for any of these pamphlets is the Coral Castle gift shop. You know they knew nothing but they passed their knowledge of leedska,nin to the coming generations and it went so innocently that nobody noticed it.

Meghan rated it it was amazing Aug 28, Nibiru Rising as a Second Sun.

For instance, Leedskalnin tells us specifically that they are one in keedskalnin same on the first page of Magnetic Current: Now you have an electric magnet. Patrick Lane rated it it was amazing Sep 18,