It took me over 6 months to dig into every aspect of the “prototypes” (the leaves of the big tree). Then I could build more complex patches (the branches of the. The preeminent DSP system is Kyma by Symbolic Sound. You derive your own sounds from an assortment of prototypes which are complete enough to make. Our work is largely experimental, and is not intended to substitute the excellent Kyma spectral processing native prototypes. Rather, we hope to extend them into .

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The colors indicate intensity, with yellows and greens indicating the highest amplitudes and purples and blues indicating lower amplitudes. From Left to right: Of my notes so far, I would rate this particular thing as the highest priority to clarify.

In the Browser, this would be all the Sounds in the indented list below the Sound File name.

Digging in Kyma. | Jean-Edouard Miclot

Audition a sound by pressing the play button. Drag modules from the Prototypes into your own custom signal flow diagrams. In the Virtual Control Surface, you can choose from a list of presets. In order to get variations, multiply an amplitude envelope or a LFO to your feedback to make your sound interesting.

Cheers from Italy, gg. I later realized that my problem was that I should not be dropping the TwoFormantElement? If I have several ktma yellow triangled sounds in the sound browser, when I refresh the browser it seems I have to save all or none.

Obviously, only a little percentage of that was used, because some of it was intended for some other projects.

Distressor April 10th, Jean-Edouard Miclot June 18th, So, I downloaded a few trailers I found interesting in terms of visual texture and dynamic, converted them into quicktime DV, brought them up in a ProTools session and started to record while performing my sounds in real time on picture.


Pacarana The Pacarana sound computation engine is a multiprocessor computer dedicated exclusively to sound computation with 2 gigabytes of sample RAM. I really like the Kyma info thanks for sharing as I got one too. It goes right away in Kyma and returns on a record track within Pro Tools. I record in real time a long performance that I cut on picture afterwards.

Do you think a forward reference would be helpful there? Where is the best place for tutorial projects? I was going through my libraries listening to ratchets when I came down on an click of an old 35mm camera. With the focus on the window for A, I ctrl-S to save, but in the browser the yellow traingles still exist for both.

I would even be willing to pay money for these patches from you so I could pull them apart and have them as a starting point for my own sounds. If you combine the quick-responsiveness of Kyma’s controls with some physical MIDI faders, you can enjoy that same feeling you get from tweaking the parameters on a hardware synth.

Thanks a lot in advance and keep coming with these! Sweet action Jed, this is a great blog! Use the timeline to spatialize tracks or individual sounds prototgpes the tracks.

kyma•tweaky: Learn KymaManual

You can type in constant values or use MIDI faders or other audio modules as controllers. Since it doesn’t work to drop it just anywhere between Noise white and the speaker nothing happensthe plus sign a seemed to be the thing that wanted to have things dropped on it and b the only thing I could find – at least at first – that would work.

Virtual Control Surface Interface. The timeline automatically mixes down or up to whatever number or placement of speakers you specify in the preferences. What do the yellow triangles mean?

If you slide the frequency content of your source, it turns your engine into a turbine and I thought that kyms working really good for the motorbikes in the the Tron Legacy sequence. I think I’ve already saved A, but being a newbie, I’m nervous about it.


Sounds are organized in categories, and there is a Find command to help you search. This happend to me as I was working through prottypes tutorials and editing both my own Sound File A and one from Kyma’s “factory presets” B.

For example, a sound can be just a parameter of another sound parameter that controls one parameter of a totally different sound. Both A and B have prtootypes traingles next to them and I want to keep changes to A but profotypes those for B. Use MIDI pitch-bend to scrub. E-MAIL required – will not be published.

Parameters changes take effect immediately, giving you highly responsive, accurate control over every parameter of your sound. Parameter automation Use the Controller editor at the bottom of the timeline to draw time-varying parameters for sounds in the timeline.

Then, over time, you can begin to take control over more and more of the details until Kyma becomes your own customized sound design environment. Echos and Delays are really fun to play with.

Sound Effects Recording & Sound Design Blog

Click here to cancel reply. Use the spectrum editor to audition or modify the selected partial s. If you understand the logic of your plugin, you have a chance to reproduce it in Kyma. The vocoder has been used for decades and decades and is well known for making synthetic robot voices.

The entire chain is evaluated on every sample, so adding a module does not increase kyms delay through the processing chain. Hi Jean, This all sounds like it could be done with SpectrumWorx! Everything started when I received a software called Kyma from Symbolic Sound.