Koshiki no Kata Draft edit by Frances Glaze rev/29/ 1 of Koshiki no Kata by Noboru Saito. The techniques in this kata were designed for armor-clad. Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo. Koshiki no kata Tatsuya MATSUMOTO Kodokan 6th Dan Member of Japan Budo Academy About koshiki no kata Koshiki no Kata This Kata is originated from.

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Right after, I started devoting myself to Judo. At the time of Hongo Masagocho 70 Tatami Meiji 26 The set of forms is antique and were intended for “Kumiuchi”, the grappling of armored warriors in the feudal ages.

Consequently, he established the Kitouryu school based on a specific philosophy. Then, I worked as a research assistant at the Kodokan in Show 23 All moshiki made a deep impression within the audience.


I was his last student. This is the principle of Kuzushi. He was called an expert of the Kitouryu School.

Kano Shihan did express the real intention regarding the creation of Judo, while explaining the reason for changing the name from Jujutsu to Judo. For example, I am in a standing position and a partner comes to throw me.


Kano Jigoro tried Kuzushi at first and then he used Waza techniques. It was also organized as a Kata according to a teaching mode. At this time, he was 50 and Kano Jigoro could not succeed in winning by Randori against him until this time. I still have in my mind the vivid memory of the fight with Kimura Masahiko at this competition.

This movement looks like a simple movement. Kano Shian did preserve this Kata by keeping these forms within the Koshiki no kata at the Kodokan Judo. Then the partner pulls me to the front or pushes me backwards; finally the opponent tries to throw me away by Nagewaza. In general, samurai did wear armor and two sets of techniques were taught: Kano Shihan gave a lecture about “Judo and educational value”.

Jigoro Kano revised the techniques and incorporated them into a kata in order to preserve the historical source of judo. Eishouji Temple only 12 Tatami Meiji 16 The Kodokan Judo magazine published this lecture on April Showa 50 I studied Koshiki no kata from him during 4 years and half.


Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo

He got a small body. Earl of Katsu evaluated Kodokan Kata in the first part of the sentence but many books claimed that he evaluated Kitouryu no Kata as well.

Istruzioni per vincere Coach. Kano Shihan wore a Montsuki and Hakama The kimono with the full dress and performed Tori while his disciple wore Judogi.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I sincerely regret it. But, I understood that it was a very difficult step. Vismara speech in Italian.

Each Jujutsu school did establish its own characteristics of content and technique style. Minami Jinboucho Koubunkan 10 tatami Meiji 17 nk Associazione Il Cerchio asd – judo Interest. Kano Shihan studied Kitouryu School and Tenjinshinyoryu school.