Villain Design handbook – The page book is the ultimate guide to in your Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign or any other campaign world. Review of Villain Design Handbook Chapter 7 is Prestige Classes, which tend to be very Kingdoms of Kalamar specific (which is great if you’re a Kingdoms of. D&D – Kingdoms of Kalamar – Villain Design – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Anti-Feats Then there’s the Anti-Feats. For example, disembowel allows you to attack a lightly armored character at -2 to force them handbokk make a fortitude save or have their guts spilled on the ground.

Does it hit all the broad types? The prestige classes are tied directly to Kalamar and will haandbook some extensive work to adapt them for other worlds some more so than others. First, the anti-feats are randomly rolled on a d table, meaning that you could easily get results that are no penalty at all. The new creatures are the darkling snatcher and guardian effigy.

Logical placement is critical for developing a support structure of minions and a flow of income by various means. This seems like an extremely strange class for a book on villains, but the explanatory text suggests they might be used as “good villains”, nominally good characters who have a worthy cause, but cross the line in achieving their goals.

The unchainer gets a free domain and the text says that the unchainer ‘s caster level, and there is a chart that is labeled “free domain spells per day” that goes up to level After more in depth use of the material, I find that there are some game play issues, especially with the anti-feats and combat moves, that lowers the overall utility so I’ve adjusted the score.

Editing is good and game mechanics seem sound but I need to playtest more to verify that.

As with many Kalamar products, much the art has a sketchy pencil-drawn look. Be the first vi,lain ask a question about Villain Design Handbook.

Text is fairly widely spaced providing the GM an easy read on the eyes. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Critical Misses Villan, much of the information is campaign specific to the Kalamar world setting rather than going with a more neutral approach. This spell allows the caster to change herself or another character kindoms a cloud of electricity, providing damage reduction and allowing only slow movement.


Once every level you can roll for an Anti-Feat and for every two Anti-Feats you get, you can select a feat. While it’s an interesting concept, it has some fairly major flaws, and is probably one of the more disappointing parts of the book.

Other offers may also be available. The first thing that struck me is odd is that the class abilities are listed alphabetically instead of in the order the kzlamar earns them. See all condition definitions – opens in oof new window or tab You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Books by Brian Jelke. While the Blackfoot Society seeks to undo all forms of government, and the Blue Salamanders seek to master the kalamad world, the Brotherhood of the Broken Chain seeks freedom for slaves and the True Disciples of Avrynner seek to defeat those who hunt psionicists while Veteran Officers are, well, veteran officers.

Some are underpowered boil really shouldn’t be a 2nd level spell – the ability to boil 1 quart of water per level is pretty minor all things considered – or personal combustiona 4th level spell that does less damage than villaun fireball and hurts the caster as well. An example of some of the new feats are: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is an implication that these are “taught”, but there is no mechanism like a feat to represent this.

How about a lich?

deesign Do you want the stats for Miznamvho, a druid who attempts to make heroes greater by truly testing them? How about the damsel in distress?

Villain Design Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons: Kingdoms Of Kalamar Supplement)

It help answers why the og is the way he is and how he does his villainy. Advice The book starts out with some excellent broad advice on what makes a good villain and how to tweak classic fantasy stereotypes to make them a bit more interesting. On the other hand, some anti-feats like the item creationones offer no real penalty if your character never plans to craft an item.


Not deeign time is spent on the conceptions of organizations, but a few examples are provided such as assassins’ and thieves’ guilds, merchant bands, governments and so on.

Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Tuesday, 30th April, Mechanics Feats There are several new feats in kingxoms Villain Design Handbook, most of which look relatively balanced – many of them I would only take if it were strongly appropriate for the character in question, which is a decent enough measurement.

Villain Design Handbook

Chapter four examines the villain’s stronghold or base of operations. Take the Decapitate maneuver. This spell allows the caster to detect dragons.

No additional import charges at delivery! My familiar loses the ability to fly. Trusted seller, fast shipping, and easy returns. There are a lot of generalizations present.

Kenzer Kingdoms of Kalamar D 20 Villain Design Handbook V 3.0 HC NM

Trivia About Villain Design Ha For each archtpye, subtypes are discussed. Last is the veteran officer, which is a great concept that is crippled by the entry requirements – 8 ranks total in class skills plus 4 ranks each in 4 different Knowledge skills means that your typical fighter the apparent target of the class, since it requires Weapon Specialization can’t get into the class at all – it would require all 20 levels of his skill points, unless he was human or had an Int bonus.

It points out the more common traps and pitfalls that often occur when creating a villain and offers ways to avoid them. Skip to main content. One of the biggest things I was ialamar forward to reading about was the variant rule, Anti-Feats.

Still, it is definitely raidable for ideas. Kat rated it liked it May 17, Add to watch list.