The magnificent second novel from the legendary author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Following the astonishing success of his first novel, One. Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey. Andrew Imbrie Dayton; May 1, This monthly feature invites readers to (re)discover a work that’s so rich and. “Sometimes a Great Notion” () has always played a second novel fiddle to ” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (), especially after the.

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Every character has a turn at first somstimes voice and the speaker can switch several times, sometimes even within a single paragraph. Refresh and try again. Really loved every second of this book this time. Sometimes a Great Notion discussion 68 May 03, When the film won five Academy Awards, Kesey was barely mentioned during the award ceremonies, and he made known his unhappiness with the film.

Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey | : Books

He was pretty nearly gone. God I love it. By the end, I couldn’t help but feel that he had undermined himself somegimes virtue of his own writing. There is one passage of observations from the family hound’s perspective that is beyond description, but perhaps one of the most amazing examples of pure writing.

Bucking that strike out of sheer cussedness are the Stampers: You can read why I You know how George R.

You are left wondering on certain points. Because everyone is thinking all the time, right? It’s got man vs. The only truly developed gal was Viv, and she was not nearly as thoroughly done as any of the men. The chapters are few and far between, the text is dense, the time-sense wanders erratically, and there’s a sameness to the description and actions.

Sometimes a Great Notion – Wikipedia

A bitter strike is raging in a small lumber town along the Oregon coast. Overcome by the potential of the Oregon climate and wilderness to overpower and destroy men, the intimidated Jonas leaves his family and goes back to Kansas. His later works include the children’s book Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear and Sailor Songa futuristic tale about an Alaskan fishing village and Hollywood film crew.


The Stampers will not succumb to the demands of the union workers to cease working so sometmes they can gain the benefit of higher wages. Evenwrite sends for Jonathan Draeger, a union representative from California, to aid him.

Leland devises a plan and campaigns to seduce and sleep with Viv which he eventually does. The story is told from so many perspectives that there’s no real hero or villian. When one of the union workers falls in the water, Hank jumps in to save him. Sometime there was a great notion, a notion that succumbed to the torrential floodwaters of the very book it spawned.

I hated this book for a long time. They’re a richly drawn cast, full of flaws, secrets, and noiton, but their nogion self determinism defines them. Books by Ken Zometimes. I’ve worn out half a dozen copies and given away as manyand would just about trade my soul for a hardcover version — just can’t afford it.

Sometimes a Great Notion

A Union man is called to town Mr Dreager to try and solve the dispute, the Stampers play dirty and won’t budge. A breath breathed from a passing breeze is not the whole wind, neither is it just the last of what has passed and the first of what will come, but is more–let me see–more like a single point plucked on a single strand of a vast spider web of winds, setting the kseey scene atingle.

It’s hard to know where to begin – the back of my edition proclaims, “The earthy, torrid story of a lusty, yelling, Paul Bunyan of a man and his battles with society. In the first hundred pages, there were a few paragraphs that had, internally, four different perspectives.

Henry never finds out about the affair and Hank never realizes that Leland knows about his secret affair with Myra. Against this backdrop is the drama the family is embroiled in with the town, involving a loggers’ strike and a deal the Stampers have made with a lumber company.


It’s a bit somerimes, the ending, but it has notiom my mind from the second I turned the last page. A conversation, a decision, the smallest gesture – nothing is absolute. In fact, I think it is better. It took some getting used to but once I acclimatized, I liked it. Rediscovered Treasures in Classics. There has been ggeat lifelong and mostly unspoken rivalry between the brothers, but because the Stampers have run afoul of the logging union, Hank and Joe Ben write to Leland, asking him to come back home to help make a big run.

The Stampers also understand that backing the union would damage their own non-unionized family business. I think it should be up there with “Moby Dick” “Grapes of Wrath” etc. Open Preview See a Problem? Soon I’ll notoin it again, and see who was wrong, the ‘rents or somwtimes younger self. By this time, Henry and Notino Ben have been killed, the mill has been partly burned down, and the boathouse has been dynamited into the river. This book is mind blowingly amazing. I did eventually get sucked into Notionwith lines like this: It’s a huge, sweeping novel, but I could never get beyond feeling that the story itself was much smaller than the book it came in, like a giant box with a small present inside.

Jonas begins to construct a large frame house on a bank of the Wakonda Auga River. After the work, Kesey gave up publishing novels.

The story as well as a circular effect so that after I closed on the last words; I promptly reread the first I read it grsat about every 3 years. To ask other readers questions about Sometimes a Great Notionplease sign up. The other important thing is that the entire sometmes despises the Stampers. The story centers on the Stamper family, a hard-headed logging clan in the fictional town of Wakonda, Oregon, in the early s.