Image result for kathakali Onam Festival, Kerala India, South India, Indian Classical Dance. Visit . Kathakali is the ancient classical dance form of Kerala. കഥകളി DuhSassaNa Vadham by Kathakali Sadanam. Kathakali is considered as one of the oldest theater forms in the world It is a dance drama with colorful. KERALA KALAKAL By KERALAM:Kerala nature & Kerala lifeStyle:GODS:OWN: COUNTRY · Updated about 6 years ago. Already tagged. 5.

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He used to find time, even amidst the tight schedules of governance, to spend few days in devotion within the precincts of the temple. Thirayattam is a ritual performing art from Ketala Malabar region of the state in kozhikode and malappuram district. A traditional pedestal Nilavilakku oil lamp with sixty wicks on both sides lit together lights the dancing floor.

Chakyar Koothu Chakyar Koothu is a story and performance art, traditionally been performed only by the Chakyar community. Nammude nadan pattukalum nadan kalakalum. Zamourin pestered the Saint with a queer request to show him also the lord live during one of His secretive appearance to him.

A Nambiyar woman plays cymbal and occasionally kearla the verses. Yoga is considered as one of the major steps of human evolution towards consciousness.

Top 12 Most Famous Traditional Art Forms of Kerala

Usually the performance lasts a couple of hours. Within a railed enclosure on the stage is a large copper drum called mizhavu with a high seat for the Nambiyar drummer. Kerala is known th e worl d over by its own performing art form, t h e Kathakali. The legend is that the actor, the moment he wore the crown, slipped into a godly mood and acted in a superhuman manner making the play unexpectedly successful. There is facial make-up using colour schemes and pattern having symbolic value, though strict standardization of types is absent.


Lord Krishna Himself invested in him. As the music is begun, the meaning of the words are translated into a language of bodily postures, attitudes and facial expressions. He not only woke him up but also ripped him down by humiliatingly sarcastic comments and jokes on his person.

Holdings: Keralathile nadan kalakal /

The legend is that he presented it the very next evening at the same temple where he was humiliated on a different platform at the same time the Chakyar had begun. Thadi beard ; divided into Chuvanna Thadi red beard depicting aggressive and demoniac characters, Karutha Thadi black beard depicting aborigines, cavemen and foresters and Vella Thadi white beard representing Rishis, Saints, Preceptors and other intellectuals. A dance traditionally enacted in temples.

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Impressive costume down the waistline and colourful crown are copied from Kathakali, with kalakla variations. National Book Stall, Kottayam: Aattakkadhakal stories for dancethe poetic compositions of legendary stories to special metric scale, set to music in classical Carnatic style are danced out.

The king banned performances of Ottamthullal from the Ambalapuzha temple complex. The artists try to enact the lyrics almost in its entirety, like in Kathakali. Kalaripayattu Kalaripayattu is a battlefield and combat art form, originated in Kerala and practiced in northern and central parts of the state.

The plays are performed only in temple precincts as votive offerings. Sasidaran A complete book on the folk art forms of Kerala. The language used in the lyrics is a pleasant mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit, known as Manipravalam. Onapottan is a traditional Kerala art form celebrated during Onam season specially in North Malabar.

Ottamthullal competitions are held and the art form may be used to spread a social message. Puli means Tiger and Puli Kali is the play of the tigers on the theme of tiger hunting, practiced in Thrissur kerrala of Kerala.

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Mohini means enchantress and attam is dance. Yoga is an ancient philosophy, a science and an art originated from India.


Kathakali is a classical Indian dance form and also the most elaborate costuming from Kerala. The Krishnattam troupe was once invited to perform in the Tripunithura temple. He also devised a special kind of dance for its exposition.

Arts of Kerala

A vessel overflowing with paddy is placed on the stage. Among the main items Cholkettu, Padavarnam and Padam, Mudras and facial expressions are more important than the rhythmic steps. Angikam, Vachikam, Sathvikam and Aharyam are fully utilized in Koodiyattom. Mathur Panikkar popularized Ottamthullal for modern audiences.

Mohiniyattam is another most famous classical dance form from Kerala, performed by women as a solo dance with extensive training. Kalaripayattu martial art is one of the oldest surviving fighting systems in the world and famous for its attacking and defensive patterns.

The face painted green and made up with a spot of sacred sandal paste on the brow, eye-lined with mascara, lip toned by cherry and white chin mask, the dancer dons a colourful costume and rich and impressive crown and jewellery. The drama proper now begins sluggishly and leisurely through the long drawn out, detailed and elaborate abhinaya process.

While the show was on, certain mischievous characters brought a tusker in front of the stage. All the four types of abhinaya, viz.

It is one of the oldest of theatrical arts peculiar to Kerala. Koodiyattom is staged on the specially built temple theatre called Koothambalam. It was a blissful sight of lifetime for the King. Centuries old paintings are still preserved in some temples across Kerala. The Mudras hand gestures are almost always same as those employed in Kathakali.