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Nomor 13 Tahun tentang Ketenagakerjaan, perlu. Indonesia. .. sektor tertentu yang diatur di dalam KEPMEN / dan PERMENAKER No/. f5ee22ce7-keputusan-menteri-keuangan-nomorkmktahunpdf , ea5cpppdf, , 33K. London: By Taylor & Francis Budiono, A.M Sugeng dan Pusparini A Keselamatan Keputusan Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi Republik Indonesia tahun Nomor: /Men/ tentang Waktu Kerja dan Istirahat pada Sektor Usaha Energi dan Sumber daya Mineral pada Daerah Tertentu. Jakarta.

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Instructs the Minister of Cooperatives and Small- and Medium-scale Businesses to coordinate the formulation of programmes to promote medium-scale businesses, to enable medium-scale businesses to increase in number, and to devleop and become self-reliant and competitive. Those business and users that do not meet the criteria are to be put on a black list; Chapter V: Amends Government Regulation No.

Prohibits monopolistic business practices, including price-setting, monopolies, oligopolies, oligopsonies, trusts, vertical integration, and mergers and acquisitions which might lead to such practices. Divided into 14 chapters.

Index of /peraturan/2011/11

Prescribes the types of visas and permits that can be obtained, the conditions therefor and the procedures for requesting, granting or refusing to grant visas, entry permits.

Economic measures shall include the stabilization of inflation, the provision of nine staple commodities and medicines, the reorganization of the banking sector, and the promotion of tourism. Article 5 lists these as managerial, gahun, operational positions, iepmen jobs requiring professional qualifications with the minimum requirement of a bachelor degree plus professional education.

Divided into 7 parts. It comprises government representatives, employees and employers in the energy and mineral resources sector. Article 3b permits a travel ban on persons who have “committed an act tarnishing the reputation of the Indonesian nation while staying abroad.

Decree of the Minister of Transmigration and Settlement of Forest Squatters on the granting of aid of supplies and equipment for kpmen No. Provides for manning of merchant ships and authority of posts; education, testing and certification of seafarers on merchant ships; occupational protection for seafarers; and for some related matters. Amends Decree of the Minister of Manpower No.


Concerning Periods the Energy and Mineral Resources. Allows the “hostage-taking” of persons who incur a tax debt of a specified amount and whose intention to settle the debt is in doubt. Provides for hours of kepmn, rest times, and overtime, maternity protection, special rest periods for female workers, minimum wage, and protection in the event of company bakruptcy. Repeals Ministerial Decee No.

Approval may be granted for a period of no more than 12 months. Establishes that every victim or witness in serious human rights violations has the right to get protection from the law enforcement and security apparatus of the State. Specified director post of companies may be occupied by expatriates.

Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Decree No. Chapter 5 regulates status of child. There are laws that protect a woman and a man for medical leave. The Indonesian embassies are to evaluate the business partners kepmwn users with whom recruitment agencies place workers.

Sets forth national plan of action on elimination of worst forms of child labour. Wages and salaries owed by debtors shall be counted as part of their debt. Circular of the Tayun of State for Public Housing regarding a set of requirements for ownership of residential houses or dwelling places by aliens No. Special Autonomy is a special authority acknowledged and granted to the Papua Province to regulate and manage the interests of the local people a its own initiative based on the 20003 and tahuun rights of the people of Papua.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Defines the duties, function, membership, working procedures, and financing of the Commission. Chapter V concerns the tahub provisions. Chapter IV provides for management of national defence system, and Chapter V for fostering of defense capabilities. Subsidies are allocated following decision by the Director General of Elementary and Secondary Education and based on evaluation of specified team.

Indonesia – – Tahjn Fisheries Law No. Joint Decree on the Team in charge of controlling labour crisis in the field of industry and trade No. Regulates settlement of labour dismissal in companies and by mediation. Part 3 provides for equal opportunity to get a job without discrimination, and to receive equal treatment from employer.


Reproductive effects were not observed with the 0.

The Plan is annexed to the Presidential Decree. Establishes a National Action Committee for this purpose. Chapter V allows enterprises to be exempt from paying minimum wages on the basis of a written agreement between workers and an employer. Chapter 3 addresses union formation, providing every worker with the right to form or become tqhun union member. Provides Indonesian citizenship to the wife and children of a person who becomes an Indonesian through naturalization, as well as to a child born outside of wedlock to a woman who has no husband and who becomes a citizen through naturalization.

Defines which types of businesses may be financed by captial for micro and small businesses procedures for kepemn credits.

Chapter 7 contains taahun ban on interference with workers’ rights to organise and participate in union activities.

Part 8 deals with restructuring and privatization. Chapter III provides for the placement of workers with disabilities. Provides for the implementation of the workers’ social security programme for freelancing daily workers, contractual workers and workers with labour agreements for a specified period. Concerns, inter alia, types of assets which are categorised as not being investments, permissable types of investments, and calculation of investments.

This is to be organized by Government vocational training institutes.

Index of /peraturan//11

The competent authority is to provide guidance and inspection services to job training institutes. Establishes guidelines for implementing the social safety net programme in the health sector, and for the alleviation of the negative impact of the economic crisis on the health and nutritional situation in the country. Employers of expatriates shall give priority to the employment of Indonesian personnel in all fields and types of jobs available.

Comprehensive kpemen on labour relations.