Frostbitten is the tenth novel in Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Wiki letter This article needs a plot summary. Please add one in your. Frostbitten is the eleventh book in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld fantasy series which follows the lives and adventures of a number of supernatural women. Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Well, not with these two. Some magic, deep in the forest, that cared little for my survival. Whilst I understood her feelings towards Clay, regarding her turning, I always rooted for them as a couple. Though, in a strange way, it was pivotal into helping Elena conquer what happened in the past, by defeating it in the present.

Frostbitten – Kelley Armstrong

Sep 29, Pages. There is a wonderful scene in this book, where Elena finds herself really missing Clay while he is away teaching in a university for two weeks. In this novel Elena and Clay travel to Alaska to have a talk with a young stray werewolf from Australia and visit a couple of ex-Pack members. The snow and winter storms added to the creepy feel around an isolated cabin with death inside, wolves and werewolves outside.

Looking for More Great Reads? Join the mailing list. Elena has grown greatly over the course of the series becoming far more than the quasi Mary Sue she seemed to be in the first novel. Sep 22, Jody rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 24, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Elena has a lot of positive growth in this book.

Overall, Frostbitten is a great entertainment, even though some scaling back of assaults on Elena would have been nice. I love this series and Elena and Clay are by far my favorites. You will most likely see her reading for those happy endings in her favorite genres, such as Contemporary Romance, NA, and Fantasy. Jeremy is settled in his relationship with Jaime and starting to think about handing over control of the Pack to someone else so he can have a more relaxed life.


This time she really shows how tough Elena is and has to be for the future. Elena notices how off kilter she becomes without him — especially after receiving a disturbing letter from someone in her past.

Armstrong set up a backstory for Reese in the short story “Chivalrous,” but you don’t have to read it to know what’s going on. Dec 31, Dck rated it really liked it. She lives in rural Ontario, Canada. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you enjoy Elena’s books, it’s a nice return to her world. A word of warning, this book does deal, very heavily, with the issue of rape and abuse. Frostbitten brings us back to the beginning by focusing on the werewolves Elena and Clay.

Your email address will not be published. This book is a great introduction to kellye genre, and I shall definitely be picking up others, especially from this author.

Frostbitten is the fourth story that features Elena and in previous instalments readers have followed her development as she returns to the American werewolf fristbitten and reconciles herself with the man who bit her and turned her into a werewolf, eventually marrying him and having werewolf babies. For one of them has been chosen to become the new Pack leader, and as every wolf knows, there can be only one Alpha.

It explores the human emotions of the werewolves as situations get out of control. Yeah, back in the 70’s 80’s, the title ‘bodice rippers’ were aptly named due to the heroes raping their rrostbitten.

Compared to her other novels, this one felt more like a novella than a full length book; the plot is rather basic and the tone is much lighter than its predecessors. Unseen and unsuspected, this realm of witches, ghosts, and werewolves is now threatened with exposure by a brutal series of bizarre murders that has left even the supernatural world baffled—and cold with terror Now, in the werewolf world because yes, we are finally back for the final werewolf-based bookrape is going to be a big issue and has been since book one.


THen Joey has grown, but not into something better. Please try again later. Sep 30, Kylie Briggs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Previously, Elena has always struggled to forgive and forget the incident that frostbiten to her becoming a werewolf — Clay biting her and turning her.

Frostbitten (Armstrong novel) – Wikipedia

They’ve always been equals in everything. I think Kelley Armstrong writes her best when she writes about Elena and the other werewolves. While in Alaska, Elena finds missing girls, a strange werewolf who runs with an actual wolf pack, a pack of Russian werewolves come to claim Alaska for their own, and a mysterious and legendary beast that owns the forest. Along the way there have been plenty of rogue werewolves to kill and supernatural mysteries to solve — revealing the presence of a whole host of supernatural races beyond just werewolves.

The rest revolves around rescuing a teenage werewolf called Noah, trying to stay out of the clutches of the rapist and trying to bring down the mutt-pack. Elena patches him up and faces the task of finding the mutts to deal with them.