Where Juggler Method fails is in newb delivery. You can’t just walk up and say ” Hey, I love that shirt you’re wearing. I think it’s really sexy.” Well. Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on Juggler was one of the first PUA’s to advocate a more natural approach to. Go SS Isolate and go Gunwitch and close. As you rely on Juggler method as your foundation you will feel like a natural PUA cause you are running freestyle!.

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If you’re interested in testing your boundries, buy his book and give it a shot. Thu Aug 10, Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: They won’t be interested, and they’ll anchour feelings of boredom to me. It assumes attraction, which takes the pressure of performance off, and has you talking to new sets as though they were already jugglee friends.

Wed Aug 09, There are many genuine and confident people out there, and some give them better emotions than others. See Also How to really PU. I am not planning to learn the jugler method. Originally Posted by Never Shaken.

juggler method vs. mystery method

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No method is the golden way to seduce in fact most are fatally flawed so just take a little from each and piece together your own game cos I can assure you not everyone can pull off Mysterys methld. Juggler method is a very dynamic method which focuses more on being REAL, where TMM learns you lots of routines to hide your real self which supposedly is not good enough.

The Juggler Method

In the late s Juggler expanded his work-shops and seminars to teach both men and jubgler conversational skills that are applicable in all areas of life. Let me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised No, let’s just be friends. Join Date May Gender: We want your email address. Do you guys ever go out thinking right today I’m going to use only MM, Pickup, Juggler method of course not so stop comparing them together.

Join Date Dec Gender: You must call her after having sex. Discover how to bypass that and set up a stream of dates with gorgeous women in as little as 20 minutes a week.

Juggler Method Post Posted: Can we be honest? Thu Aug 24, 7: Share Share this post on Digg Del. I’d discuss flaws in symbolic notation.

Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on a wide range of topics while gaining compliance from the woman getting the woman to put effort into the interaction. Enter your search terms Merhod search form. Go for MM dont go for Juggler is style is old school and he cant pickup really hot women.


Age 48 Posts Wed Aug 30, 9: Thu Aug 24, 6: Early techniques that were introduced into the dating-advice community were SOI’s Statement Of Intent where you explicitly state your romantic or sexual interest due to some unique trait or behavior of the woman you are interested in.

How to be genuine

It comes off slick and natural, and that’s always a plus in this game. Hypnotica Eric Von Sy The information in this coach profile and wiki is verified by Dating Skills Review’s Editors to be as objective, complete and close to the truth as possible. An added bonus is that it never works with canned material; it simply gives structure to a normal conversation.

Originally Posted by Tropicalx. Join Date Jan Gender: Below some photos of them together. Any advice would meyhod greatly appreciated What is your goal?

A and then give Juggler a try. American Date of Birth: Results 1 to 4 of 4. I have never read about this guy’s method but I am sure some other members will post something about it.