The JoshStrength Method, Southlake, Texas. K likes. Expert Personal Training: In-Person / One-on-One – Online Training Contact Us to find out. The Josh Strength Method. I went to the CPU Nationals last week, I went to spectate and to get a feel of how meets are run. It seem like alot of. the joshstrength method revealed ?m=PD&cid=&pid= PM – 9 Mar 1 Retweet; Larry.

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It didn’t take him long to respond. My first attempt on the platform blew up without pain until I walked around for a few minutes and it started hurting again.

I hired him and working with him currently. My hamstring was not going to take it. Josh did a great job modifying the training to work around it. On top of that, he set up a phone consultation.

Josh and Metjod discussed openers and what was realistic for my third attempts. If you are willing to work hard and need guidance to go to the next level, you are a perfect fit. Now If only my squat would ptogress like my bench.

About JoshStrength

Found out they are trying to shut down one of the PL clubs thats 2hrs away so sign the petition below http: Deloads every 4th week. I neglected my flexibility a little bit and that’s what caused this issue.


Posted by Jay Kearney at 1: Max was Touch and Go before this training cycle. The online training is for serious inquiries only.

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Despite several therapy modalities, the only real answer was to lay off it. However, it is not a cookie cutter program or a template that he just gives you and says good luck. Atleast i Figured out how to get the video to work properly. After the phone consult, he set me up with a 12 week program. This dude is serious.

I’m in to see how you do as you get closer to your meet. The heaviest squat I achieved in training with the SSB was lbs two weeks before the meet I set my goals for a squat, bench, and deadlift.

When you don’t take methos care, rehab, pre-hab, things start to degrade really quickly. There were absolute monsters in line to be weighed and gear checked. I Can’t believe We’re already 11 weeks out. Using the same weight for 3 weeks, bust it out for a couple sets of triples or doubles. His Ebook is good but if you have the cash I definitly advise on hiring him!


Said “No thanks” and walked away. Deadlift was a rollercoaster. Let me tell you about the program and you can decide if you are a good fit. So, obviously I went to his website. But, I had never done it. It all started in August of Boss of Bosses 2 At weigh-ins friday morning, August 28th 24 hour weigh-insI felt like the skinny dude I remember myself as in high-school.

I sat down on my laptop and sifted through training logs, reviewed lifting videos and looked at several spreadsheets. I’ll take it anyways. I slightly tore my hamstring up high in the proximal area.

Video will be up after i find another video editing program. I stated that I wanted help to peak for the meet.

I drive a lot for work. Heavy Squats and Heavy Deadlifts on the same day. I know some people do this, so it’s not like a big secret.

I needed learn to friggen sit back.