Bicoz corapșăn iz bed, la noi în bloc mâncăm anticorapșăn pe pâine (on ză bred)!. Ioan Sorin Usca. Writer. Călătorie spre Universul Gândurilor. Personal Blog. Strada Balotului Nr. Local Business. Helix. Musician/Band. Crucea de Piatră. 4 Ioan Sorin Usca: “Restaurarea omului. Convorbire de Craciun cu Párintele Stefan Straja” (Man’s Restauration. Christmas Talk to Father Stefan Straja), Gazeta.

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Needless to add that the present Jews celebrate the Passover in a completely different way. Robert Davidson, The Vitality of Worship: Nevertheless these discussions demonstrate that the real gap is not between the Old and the New Testament, because one can find imprecations in the latter too, but between some biblical passages and others indifferently if they are in the Old or the New Testament. Athanasius continues with moral allegories: At one end of the scale there are commentators who reject these texts as having nothing in common with the Christian ethics because of the hateful view embraced by the authors of the imprecations.


Agapitos – Sfantul Nectarie, Sfantul Iubirii. PG 29 C. The Lucan Apostle Peter quoted not only Ps. Finally, he defends the Christian recourse to the imprecatory psalms and recommends the allegory for reading them against our own sins These contradictions in the Scripture call for the real problem at stake, that of the authority of the biblical text.

He identified also the children of the cursed man with those akin in wickedness21 and thus is open, like his predecessors, to the moral allegorical interpretation. Morariu Iuliu Ovidiu – Prezente patristice contemporane.

The same archivist way of thinking could be discerned in the making of the Talmud, where different opinions of the rabbis were recorded one after another. uscz

Once the imprecatory psalms admitted in their original historical context, i. The core of the poem, full with imprecations, soirn to be found in vv. If so, moreover, can we not ourselves much more readily identify with David as Psalmist?

The Seventh-day Adventist Martin J.

ioan sorin usca v t in talcuirea sfintilor parinti facerea []

Mongiovi – The Two Pillars. Vasile cel Mare – Constitutiile ascetice. Iustin Popovici – Biserica si Statul soirn Historically these psalms are a witness of what was ascribed once to God.


In that case the Ps. The law could be created ad-hoc as a manifestation of the universal law.

As Fishbane pointed out, in Ezr. He observes that parts of the passages are prophetic — in the good old Patristic direction!

Ioan CĂLINESCU Professor – tsocm –

Saunders – The Percent Brain Course. Regarding the date, the psalm is probably post-exilic. BCE from the time of Nehemiah.

Vernon McGee – Psalmi. Translated into Romanian in different dialect areas, in different historic moments Iustin Parvu – Ce am facut si pana acum. Acatistul Sfantului Ioan Iacob Hozevitul. Dan Badulescu – Imparatia raului – New Age. Moffat – Reinventing Gravity.

He took into consideration also a pre-exilic date p.