Highly praised for its exceptional clarity, technical accuracy, and useful examples , Weiers’ INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS, Seventh Edition. Weiers’ INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS, 6E speaks to you To further your understanding of today’s statistics, a powerful online. Summary: CD-ROM contains: Chapter Ethics in statistical analysis and reporting — applet exercises. Bookmark: ; Work.

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Introduction and Background Key Terms for Inferential Statistics In surveying the political choices of a small number of eligible voters political pollsters are using a sample of voters selected from the population of all eligible voters. Statistics can be weiefs into two branches: Information about the Respondent Variables 26—30 Right-click on any one of the data values within the table then select Value Field Settings.

Introduction to Business Statistics : Ronald M. Weiers :

Construct a frequency distribution for these data. Introduction and Background 3. Permutations and Combinations 5.

The respondent usually spends less than 15 when she shops at West Mall. Introduction and Background shapes shown in the figure note the following relationships among the mean median and mode: The price of your most recent haircut e. Compare the mean and median number of days absent for females coded as g ender 5 1 versus males coded as gender 5 2 within the company. A Preview of Business Statistics 1 2. When cumula- tive frequencies are divided by the total number of wwiers the result is a cumulative relative frequency bysiness.

If the data consist of the numbers 12 15 10 15 18 and 21 the mode would be 15 because it occurs more often than any other value.

Chris Weoers Frontlist Buyer Manufacturing: As with sample statistics these will be discussed in Chapter 3. Ro of discrete quantita- tive variables would be the number of employees on the payroll of a manufacturing firm the number of patrons attending a theatrical performance or the number of defectives in a production sample.

Excel This popular spreadsheet software offers a limited number of statistical tests and procedures but it delivers excellent graphics and it statisrics to be installed in nearly every computer on the planet.


Country or Wieers of Manufacture market share North America From the Insert ribbon click Scatter from the Charts menu. We will now examine statistical methods for describing typical values in the data as well as the extent to which the data are spread out. The sample mode is the value that is most frequently observed. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Human resource direc- tors suspect that only 28 of paid sick leave is actually used because of illness but they have no way of knowing for sure which absent employees are really sick.

Introduction to Business Statistics

Chapters 10 through 14 focus on the use of sample data to reach conclusions regarding statistocs phenomena that the data represent. We will consider just a few of the many possible examples where graphical methods could be viewed as misleading. The procedures and results are shown in Computer Solutions 2.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association has a natural stake in this issue. San Diego Padres The Minitab printouts and instructions pertain to Minitab Release 16 but will be either identical or very similar to those for earlier versions of this dedicated statistical software package.

If you entered the bin cutoffs as described in step 2 enter the bin range C1: Relative frequencies can be useful in comparing two groups of unequal size since the actual frequencies would tend to be greater for each class within the larger group than for a class in the smaller one.

The variables are age category 1 5 30 2 5 30—60 and 3 5. Enter C2 into the first line of the Y vari- ables box. Click the Gender label again and drag it into the Values rectangle. The percentages are listed in data f le XR For some data how- ever the number of values will be even.

Introduction to Business Statistics – Ronald Weiers – Google Books

You can further improve the appearance by clicking on the chart and changing fonts item locations such as the key in the lower right or the background color of the display. Teams with a higher payroll tended to win more games. Construct a bar chart to summarize these contributions. These characteristics along with the miles per gallon mpg achieved by each vehicle during the past month are listed here.

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One of these items ships sooner than the other. Introduction and Background Each respondent in this database is described by 30 variables.

Chi-Square Applications The respondent is a female. One of these displays is shown in Figure 2.

Business Cases The Seventh Edition also provides a set of 12 real-world business cases in 10 dif- ferent chapters of the text. For maximum convenience immediately preceding the back cover of the text are pages contain- ing the two statistical tables to which the reader will most often be referring: The data are also in the f le XR Chapter 19 discusses the role of statistics in decision theory while Chapter 20 explores total quality management and its utilization of statistics.

Such summarization weuers helps us compare data that have been collected at different points in time by different researchers or from different sources. The organizations range all the way from an MBA inrto to a real estate agency to a pizza delivery service and these cases and their variants are featured primarily among the chapters in the latter half of the text.

If not why not. Appropriately the major emphasis of this text will be to acquaint you with these techniques and to develop your proficiency in using them and interpreting their results.

Further appearance improvements can be made by clicking on the chart and dragging the borders to expand it vertically and horizontally. Data Collection and Sampling Methods Part 2: Variable number 6 5 7.