The Project Gutenberg EBook of Indiscretions of Archie, by P. G. Wodehouse This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Archie Mahoom (pronounced “Moom”), is a typical Wodehouse character–a member of the British upper classes, educated at Eton and Oxford, with no apparent. The next moment he was in his bag again; and Archie, bounding silently into the bathroom, was tearing the cord off his dressing-gown. There came a banging at.

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Back at the Hotel Cosmopolis, Archie once again finds himself confronted by Mr. Kept wanting to call archis the Misadventures of Archie, which would have been a more apt, but also a more predictable title, I guess.

Wells, for plays there is Shakespeare. Service with a Smile. Still more unfortunately, Archie differs further from Bertie in having barely a cent to his name. Specifically there is indiscretiobs time Archie goes to an auction looking to buy a piece of art for his Father-in-law.

The dialogue is zippy enough to beg for a sitcom adaptation.

It has the air of Jeeves tactfully sweeping Wooster’s latest idiocy under the rug. Wodehouse is all comedy. This book is one of many proofs that Wodehouse’s true genius lay, not in merely creating a comic idiot–which he certainly could do, for no one is more deft when it comes to daft–but in creating a noble comic idiot, an idiot that the read This is my favorite Wodehouse title. At first this one seemed slightly tedious and indeed it is fairly episodic.

Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchet, both admittedly, owe their success to Wodehouse’s creations and the genre that he established. Best known today for the Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of lyrics for some thirty musical comedies.


However, his genius shows in his ability to continually make people laugh at the antics of his protagonists and the ‘clever’ ways in which their servants solve their problems. If you only read one P.

Indiscretions of Archie

Indiscretions indiscdetions Archie by P. It is a picaresque novel homage and apologies to Pickwick Papers and Don Quixoteboth clearly in another league without much of a continuing plot, more a series of inde In media res: How Right You Are, Jeeves.

After they are married Archie and Lucille return to New York to meet her father, and ask a favor of him.

I laughed out loud so that should count for something. On top of that, he speaks in a way that no English person has every spoken.

Refresh and try again. I would only recommend this to Wodehousians who’ve already read everything else there is. I will begin Love Among the Chickens soon and will have to as well re-read my collection of the Wooster and Jeeves chronicles.

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This being an earlier work, I dont think Wodehouse had found the balance yet between useless and funny. This book is one of many proofs that Wodehouse’s true genius lay, not in merely creating a comic idiot–which he certainly could do, for no one is more deft when it comes to daft–but in creating a noble comic idiot, an idiot that the reader loves and roots for and sympathizes with.

Or just deal with whatever random crisis the author feels like dishing up indixcretions any given chapter.


I haven’t read any Wodehouse before ‘Archie’. At times, I could almost hear the laugh track in the background. The book is possibly less satisfying than a Wodehouse novel by the virtue of not being a og, but as a book I would still strongly recommend it. Archie’s attempts to ingratiate himself with Brewster only get him further into trouble.

Indiscretions of Archie by P. G. Wodehouse – Free Ebook

I don’t want this to be a complaint, though, as my affection for Wodehouse literature is undying; I enjoy experiencing new well, new to me, of course literature from the man and when I first opened this book I was bloody looking forward to it. It’s true he went to America and fell in love with Lucille, the daughter of a millionaire hotel proprietor and if he did marry her–well, what else was there to do? Or maybe I will look at Psmith.

Return to Book Page. Archie is Wooster without Jeeves. What follows is a series of comedic situations caused by Archie’s search for employment, to please his Father-in-law, or to help his unfortunate friends. Money in the Bank. Published May 1st by Classic Books first published February 14th You submitted the following rating and review.

I want more Archie! The sole purpose of his writing is to make you laugh. Both are masters of red-faced frustration and the slow burn. Sean O’Casey famously called him “English literature’s performing flea”, a description that Wodehouse used as the title of a collection of his letters to a friend, Bill Townend.