In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams [Tahir Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best Books of the Year, Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House was hailed by critics and compared to such. Tahir Shah, who has described his exotic adventures in Peru, India and The interlaced stories of the Arabian Nights serve as a model for.

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Mar 24, Pages Buy. May 31, Erik Bundy rated it it was amazing. If you visit a home in Morocco and fall in love with something belonging to the host, a Persian rug, for example, you’d better not say so, because he will give it to you.

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On the day I came this way I progressed with great care and caution, remembering the story told me by a former landlady at nearby Tair Hill inn of the dog which had disappeared suddenly down an unmarked shaft only a short distance away. Symbolism is not dead in the West. It just brings out the vibrancy and the afabian of the scenery, the markets, the public squares, the people. He drinks “memory water” from a sacred spring it tastes like sewage.

As the son of Sufi writer Idries Shah, he is well qualified to look at what lies beneath Moroccan folklore and its tales of genies and magic carpets. It’s clear that Shah loves living there, and it’s also clear that he loves the people, and there is a lot to admire. Aarbian cobbler took off his glasses, fumbled in a drawer, and fished for another pair. I did not want the story to end, but to go on night after night.


In Arabian Nights by Tahir Shah | : Books

You feel half proud of them and half ashamed and you hold them to your heart. I think we are supposed to be happy when Osman’s wife returns but we never learned why she left or why she returned. They are celebrated for their original viewpoint, and for combining hardship with niguts description.

The best escorted tours. Monday 31 December I loved the fact that within each of us there is a story.

View all 4 comments. Videos About This Book. In the book dreams bleed into reality and stories into stories, like in The Arabians Nights or the author’s own collection Scorpion Soup. Lists with This Book. Jul 11, Starry rated it really liked it Shelves: Protect it and it will protect you. For me this is very successful — he describes fantastically well, invoking a real sense of the places he describes with his use of rich and atmospheric writing.

So, now of course, I would like to add Morocco to one of the places to see before I die, despite the many negative things I have h It took me a while to get through this book because it was so rich on araian many levels.

The main focus of the book is Shah traveling through Morocco in search of the story in his heart. I think if I did travel to Casablanca and somehow found the Caliph’s house and knocked on his door, he would not be able to turn me away. Like a baton in a relay race, the stories have been passed down through centuries, ready to act like an instruction manual to the world.

Once upon a time there was a country called the Land of Pots and Pans where there were no games of any kind. Jan 12, Tiffany rated it it was ok Shelves: Like a secret door leading to a hidden garden, the words “once upon a time” opened on to an inner, parallel world. Loved Tahir Shar Arabian Nights!


In Arabian Nights – Wikipedia

He is a modern-day Sherherazade. And never imagine that you created the reeds yourself. But never forget that your baskets are made of something that is there for anyone to cut and use.

A link in the chain of scholars and teachers who have passed these stories down for centuries like a baton in a relay race, Shah reaches layers of culture that most visitors hardly realize exist, and eventually discovers the story living in his own heart.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shah is a daring and adventurous man who took his young family to live in a sprawling mansion in Casablanca. Along the way nightd describes the colors, characters, and the passion of Morocco, and comes to understand why it is such an njghts land. More from The Telegraph.

We can be re-taught how decode the messages in the tales that surround us, how to learn from them, in the same way that you can teach almost anyone the rules of chess.

At first they pinch a little, but you like the way they look, so you carry on. I also became ngihts with his obvious distaste for all things western and his reverence for all things Moroccan. It was a really nice collection of stories, from the ancient to the new and I loved hearing about Tahir’s experiences through it tahie. I would have noticed it regardless but once he started his numerous references to “henpecked husbands” I got particularly annoyed.