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Rajiv Chandrasekaran examines the Green Zone as both seat of power and playground for Americans. The Emerald City in Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s revealing new book is not and in “ Imperial Life in the Emerald City” he draws a vividly detailed. By: Rajiv Chandrasekaran Media of Imperial Life in the Emerald City Drawing on interviews and internal documents, Rajiv Chandrasekaran tells the.

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Also, it was difficult to stay concentrated for long periods of time after about fifty pages.

Futile, fraudulent or worse

The failure to send the right people to work for the CPA. Despite the vast sums allocated by the USA for this enterprise it seems that many of those attempting to actually reconstruct Iraq were always sorely lacking in funds.

Chandraskaran gives a good sense of how much the CPA really believed they were revolutionizing Iraq and his examples of how they did it raijv a really interesting read.

The Green Zone Scene V 14l. There is so much to learn from this book. Will you speak a bit about the pork in the cafeteria? Agresto was one of the very few CPA staffers I met in Baghdad who voiced disillusionment with the grand American experiment to remake Iraq, and he did so only as he was planning to depart for good.

Beyond defeating Saddam there were few other identifiable victories during the period covered by the book. Mostly what he sees is the complete mismanagement of basic postwar planning; the first raised, then dashed, hopes of Iraqis who have already suffered through the destructive rule of Saddam Hussein; and the arrogant approach of American political appointees, institutions and companies that are intent on imprrial Written by the former Baghdad bureau chief of the Washington Postthis book is simply what he saw in Iraq between the “end” of combat in and Paul Bremer’s ignominious departure in The Coalition Provisional Authority’s viceroy, Paul Bremer, dropped all trade restrictions immediately and moved to lif industry, which the old ministers of the state owned companies were happy to do to make a bunch of money His underlings spend their days drawing up pie-in-the-sky policies, among them a new traffic code and a law protecting microchip designs, instead of rebuilding looted buildings and restoringelectricity production.

Feb 27, Robert rated it it was ok.


However, the book doesn’t really have an overall narrative or viewpoint, which detracts from its ability to analyze why things happened the way they did. The book chandrasekwran to set an impartial and objective tone by simply describing increasingly ineffective and unrealistic American plans to transform Iraq. Sep 04, Pages Buy.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran | : Books

Similarly, no one in a leadership position understood the importance of the Shiite leader, Sayyid Ali al-Sistani. He is currently assistant managing editor for continuous news at The Washington Post chandraaekaran, where he has worked since Some were willing to talk on the record; others, who continued to work for the Bush administration, only agreed to cooperate on “background” because they feared retribution.

Oife inability to face reality let us down. Criticizing in earlier chapters that some things moved too quickly, the author would, in later rajjiv, criticize that those same initiatives moved too slowly.

Allawi’s criticisms are the more striking because he was not an outright opponent of the war, and certainly no supporter of the insurgency.

Want to Read saving…. There was a cult of ignorance. The chicken crossed the road, and will continue to cross the road, to show its independence and to transport the weapons it needs to defend itself.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City – Wikipedia

Centered mainly on the actions of the Coalition Provisional Authoritywithin immperial Green Zone of BaghdadChandrasekaran details the events from the end of the invasion phase of the war until the official transfer of power to the Iraqis and the growing insurgency in the country.

The Emerald City is an image reminiscent of the Raj — Americans relaxing around a swimming pool, in a 7 square mile enclave, enjoying drinks, eating American food, relaxing in clean rajjiv in the middle of Baghdad.

They didn’t know how to achieve this goal, but set about it by cocooning their staff in Saddam’s luxurious palace complex, giving lots of press conferences in English and, most importantly, by only sending people who had been vetted for the ‘right’ political leanings. He keeps a conversational tone throughout, but it is quite clear how incredulous he is at the actions of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

They never will be Chicken he cross street because bad she tangle regulation. Were you shocked by the disparities between the Green Zone and the rest of Baghdad?

I often sat down with people for four or five hours at a stretch to have them describe in painstaking detail their experiences with the CPA and life inside the Green Zone. An outstanding, and darkly comic, inside look at America’s false hope and ill intentions toward rebuilding Iraq. How did this happen?


Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone

This topic deserves a long, many-volume review, not a sound bite. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There was a ridiculous level of bad-faith dealing between the CPA, which was aligned with imperiaal Defense Department and any personnel operating at the behest chanvrasekaran State. Allawi blames the Wahhabis for inflaming relations between the two showing, perhaps, some rare personal bias. For instance, very young twenty something people who had built IOUs from the Administration for, for instance, working in the Bush election campaign, were selected to head units for which they had no expertise at all.

His illustrations of life inside the Green Zone, where people used water shipped from Kuwait and had their laundry done there too, are emblematic of US involvement in Iraq: In the vacuum of postwar planning, Bremer ignores what Iraqis tell him they want or need and instead pursues irrelevant neoconservative solutions-a flat tax, a sell-off of Iraqi government assets, and an end to food rationing.

As Chandrasekaran describes it, many were true believers of the neocon fantasy of rebuilding Iraq to be a shining example of democracy and free capitalism in the Middle East.

Like most journalists in Iraq, I lived outside the Green Zone. The book shows in clear detail what not to do, not to try, and not to enforce upon a people with their own culture and customs. The occupation of Iraq brought a flood of ill-prepared, idealistic visionaries with conflicting goals to reconstruct a society that was already broken before the American invasion.

Some of them were ready to talk right away; others only decided to cooperate after seeing their grand initiatives crumble away. Some of those cases have been detailed in reports issued by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

Even where the U.