The conditions contained in Rule 65 RPE +; ; Fax: + – Email: press [at] () Follow ICTY on Twitter. Pursuant to Rule 6(D) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Tribunal, the adoption shall enter into force seven days after the date of. The Mechanism may conduct retrials; appeals proceedings from ICTR, ICTY and Mechanism cases; trials for contempt and false testimony; and review.

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The Registrar shall also, pursuant to sub-rule 2 notify “all parties who participated in the proceedings before the Trial Chamber that an appeal has been filed”.

Lastly, it underlined that the postponement of the date of the trial not only came from the slowness of the Prosecutor in complying with her obligation of communication with the Defence, but also octy the filing by the Defence of numerous preliminary motions.

Blaskic case: motion for provisional release rejected.

The English and French texts of the Rules shall be equally authentic. A The record on appeal shall consist of the parts of the trial record, as certified by the Registrar, designated by the parties.

A Subject to the provisions of Sub-rule 90 Ea witness who refuses or fails contumaciously to answer a question relevant to the issue before a Chamber may be found in contempt of the Tribunal. Sub-rule 1 which grants the Appeals Chamber powers to confirm, reverse or amend an “other decision” mirrors article 83 2. As a consequence, the majority of them will not be likely to reoffend after release Hoffmann B Before taking up his duties, the Deputy Registrar shall make a similar declaration before the President.

When a party wishes to appeal a decision under article 82, paragraph 1 dor article 82, paragraph 2that party shall, within five days of being notified of that decision, make a written application to the Chamber that gave the decision, setting out the reasons for the request for leave to appeal. The request of the sentenced person or of the Prosecutor shall be made in writing and shall set out the grounds upon which the transfer is sought.

E If the Prosecutor satisfies the Trial Chamber that the failure to effect personal service was due in whole or in part to a failure or refusal of a State to cooperate with the Tribunal in accordance with Article 29 of the Statute, the Trial Chamber shall so certify.


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Unless otherwise directed by the Trial Chamber in the interests of justice, evidence at the trial shall be presented in the following sequence:. It is also possible that socio-political conditions of the home country of the sentenced ichy have improved to an extent that make it less likely that a release would cause social instability.

The Registrar shall make a sufficient number of copies of the record on appeal for the use of the Judges of the Appeals Chamber and of rps parties.

Article 3 c. Giving the State of enforcement an opportunity to comment on the views expressed by the sentenced person d requires careful consideration: Not an official document. The Rule details which information the Presidency has to transmit to the designated State in order to enable that State to make an informed decision whether to accept the designation or not.

C Should the parties fail so to agree within that time, the Appellant and the Respondent shall rpf designate to the Registrar, within sixty pre of the certification, the parts of the trial record which he considers necessary for the decision on the appeal.

Rules of Procedure and Evidence

More than authors from fpe continents. D If necessary, the Trial Chamber may issue a warrant of arrest to secure the presence of an accused who has been released or is for any other reason at liberty.

Curiously, Rule appears like icry special instance of the general monitoring duty enshrined in Regulation A guilty plea and rppe cooperation with ictyy prosecution will generally also benefit the victim; however, this aspect has already been taken account at the level of sentencing, as well as a factor under Art. Whenever the Prosecutor questions a suspect, the questioning shall be audio-recorded or video-recorded, in accordance with the following procedure:.

Other costs, including those for the transport of the sentenced person and those referred to in articleparagraph 1 cd and eshall be borne by the Court. Any alleged inconsistency in the Regulations shall be brought to the attention of the Bureau to whose opinion the Prosecutor shall defer. The costs associated with the surrender of the sentenced person shall be borne by the Court if no State assumes responsibility for them.

Until now, there has not been a revision procedure before the ICC.


Commentary RPE: Ch. 8: Case Matrix Network

The judgement of the Appeals Chamber shall be delivered in accordance with article 83, paragraphs 4 and 5. B If the amended indictment includes new charges and the accused has already appeared before a Trial Chamber in r;e with Rule 62, a further appearance shall be held as soon as practicable to enable the accused to enter a plea on the new charges.

In the order to perform its functions, the Appeals Chamber needs the same powers as rrpe Pre-Trial icfy Trial Chambers, since it will review the decisions of these organs. The seven-day-period provided for at the ad hoc tribunals cf. D In case of re-election, the total period of service as a Judge of the Tribunal shall be taken into account.

D If either party discovers additional evidence or material which should have been produced earlier pursuant to the Rpw, that party shall promptly notify the other party and the Trial Chamber of the existence of the additional evidence or material. B The motion for the taking of a deposition shall be in writing and shall indicate the name and whereabouts of the person whose deposition is sought, the date and place at which the deposition is to be taken, a statement of the matters on which the person icfy to be examined, and of the exceptional circumstances justifying the taking of the deposition.

This enables the Presidency to exercise its power to transfer the prisoner according to Art.

After the expiry of the time-limits for filing the briefs provided for in Rulesandthe Appeals Chamber shall r;e the date for the hearing and the Registrar shall notify the parties.

The ICTY ruled that the rehabilitation factor also comprised the attitude of the prisoner towards the deeds for which he was convicted Prosecutor v.

B His powers under Parts Four to Eight of the Rules may be exercised by staff members of the Office of the Prosecutor authorised by him, or by any person acting under his direction.

A The sentence shall begin to run from the day it is pronounced under Sub-rule D.