Ibbo Mandaza remembers the first time he saw Grace Marufu: “She was very beautiful, pretty braids, sitting at the switchboard at State House.” But one day, a. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe. TOP academic and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has called for a ban on “biased” African Union and Sadc observer missions from monitoring.

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The debate was to what extent she was her own person or a missile sent by her husband. Grace has no capacity so she will be very mechanised.

Zec reduces BVR centres. So is this good news for the opposition, especially with elections around the corner? It is an endgame played out in an atmosphere seething with conspiracy, treachery, paranoia, recrimination, backstabbing and wild allegations of a plot to assassinate the president.

We are a torn country. Many here are horrified by the prospect of a continuation of the Mugabe dynasty, especially in the form of Grace.

Ibbo Mandaza

Hurungwe council officials nabbed in graft dragnet. She also gained a sociology PhD from the University of Zimbabwe in just three months in what critics saw as a desperate push for gravitas.

Surely this is good news in terms of prospects for free and fair elections? Something that goes beyond that, to restore the productive capacity of our country.

Ibbo Mandaza takes aim at Mnangagwa – The Standard

What ibbi the profile of the voters? If I have a story with South Africans, I will tell you myself. The Sadc and AU observer missions have been a disaster and if it were not for the Commonwealth Observer Mission in and EU, it might be a different narrative in this country. Zimbabwe is currently hosting a group of Sadc observers who came into the country to assess the electoral environment ahead of national elections in the next few months.

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She was ceremonially capped by her husband and mercilessly mocked by academics.

Welcome to the Hot Seat program my name is Violet Gonda and my guest today is Zimbabwean author, academic and publisher Dr. And hence the schizophrenic approach to elections. Political commentators and economic analysts similarly do not bring relief to a country or jandaza citizens but they play an important role all the same. To quote Jonathan Moyo, that those who think Mnangagwa will succeed Mugabe will be seriously disappointed.

Economic hardships hit rural areas. Granny killed mamdaza witchcraft claims 25 mins ago 58 Views. And I repeat, elections are not the solution. Teachers demand Ncube resignation.

When the die is cast people will negotiate. Your email address will not be published. FC Platinum learn fate. Justice For Lucy Duve Cause. Basically you are saying even though the ZANU PF house is on fire this still does not mean that come next year when we have elections, new players will come in, especially from the opposition?

In time for an election next year or a year away? He had no guts to say that at the Policy Dialogue but he went to say that to reporters here behind us. Inshe punched a British photographer in Hong Kong for taking pictures of her at a luxury hotel. Then, inhe noticed that Grace was pregnant. Latest News Editor’s Choice. Since the elections which the EU observers dismissed as skewed in favour of then incumbent President Mugabe, the Zanu PF led regime has refused to open its doors to western observers citing inherent bias against it.


And the NTA was proposed by some of us as a kind of a peacekeeping process, as a stabilizing process. Where are modern day Tongogaras?

This looks like a long and desperate yarn from Ibbo. Mugabe early this month stripped the VP of the Justice ministry in a Cabinet reshuffle and Zanu PF is not organising a congress scheduled for December in what is largely seen as another choreographed event to further weaken Mnangagwa. Corruption worsens fuel shortages 1 hr ago Views. Moyo, a virtually unknown top soldier at the time, became a celebrity overnight when he made the popular television announcement on behalf of the military, indicating they had seized control manaza government from then President Robert Mugabe in November last year.

So, clearly, there was resonance between what Jonathan Moyo said and what Mugabe and his wife said a week or two later.