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This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. A. • Test frequencies – 10 kHz to 10 MHz. • Test signal level – 1 mV to 1 V rms. • % basic AUTO MANUAL DOWN UP. SELF. TEST The A operates over a frequency range of Hz to kHz ually or under HP-IB control. The HP A and HP A Multi-frequency LCR Meters, microprocessor- based impedance . Trigger: internal, external or manual. Measurement terminals.

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For Phenomenon -1 – 1: The instrument is now ready to take measurements. HP Part number, appli- cable standards for power plug, power cord color, electrical characteristics and coun- tries using each power cord are listed in the figure. The effects of the residual factors can be expressed as shown in Figure This obviates the inconvenience and necessity of employing instruments capable of taking meas- urements with the same equivalent circuit to assure measuronent result correspondence.

For an “Open” condition, nothing should’ be connected; and for a short condition, a low im- pedance shorting strap or lead should be connected across the HIGH and LOW sides of the test fixture contact blocks.


The distinctive feature of the four terminal pair configuration is that the outer shield conductor works as the return path for the measurement signal current. The section manul includes information on in- itial inspection and damage claims, prepa- ration for using the A, packaging, storage, and shipment.

Self Test Basic Operating Check. A total of nine options for the Model A are available msnual adding the following capabil ities: Test signal level mo nitor: Residuals Present in Measuring Circuit.

Full text of “HP: A Operating”

Instrument power line fuse is Installed in this holder: Fasten it on the rear panel with the two screws Lastly, all panel control functions are restored to the settings given in step 2 about 5 seconds after pressing OPEN button. Automatic initial control settings. Settling time after frequency change: This lamp indicates that a phase angle measurement is be- ing made together with an im- pedance measurement.

For use, the instru- ment stands are designed to be pulled towards the front of instrument. This paragraph describes operating procedures for Option when using the B controller.

Installation of Optionsand Line Voltage and Fuse Selection. Instrument controls are automatically set as follows: This switch is set to facilitate bringing the measuring bridge circuit to Its optimum balance and for minimizing incremental meas- urement errors when standard test leads Im long are used. However, Buyer shall pay mabual shipping charges, duties, and taxes for products returned to HP from another country.


Set test signal for the desired ampli- tude. Capacitance and conductance offset adjustments areautomatically performed.

Auto Series and Parallel. The A is set to be 4257a. For bench operation, a two-leg in- strument stand is used. Multiplies values in accuracy equation terms that include a by Depend- ency of the dissipation factor quality factor upon test frequency offers a theoret- ical basis for such inference.

Technical Support

Measurement Ranges and Number of Display Digits sheet 4 of 5. Read displayed capacitance value. Preparation for Use Front Panel Features Sheet 2 of 4.

A high level test signal is usually used for the measure- 475a of general capacitors, resistors and certain kinds of inductive components which are normally operated at such high signal level. Measurement Parameter Formulas Addresses are provided at the back of this manual.