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India Java Korea Tibet. This was the first open war between Mongols and signaled the end of the unified empire. Abaqa KhanTekuderand Taraqai. Retrieved 21 March The Mongol leader Kitbuqa, already provoked by the constant fleeing of Baibars halalu his troops, decided to kan forwards with all his troops on the trail of the fleeing Egyptians.

Estimates of the size of the Egyptian army range from 24, toRetrieved 6 May The attacking Mongols broke dikes and flooded the ground behind the caliph’s army, trapping them.

Hulagu Khan – Wikipedia

Baghdad was a depopulated, ruined city for several centuries. His funeral was urxu only Ilkhanate funeral to feature human sacrifice. Much of the army was slaughtered or drowned.

The Mongols under Chinese general Guo Kan laid siege to the city on January 29,[9] constructing a palisade and a ditch and wheeling up siege engines and catapults. Doquz Khatun Yesuncin Khatun.

Almost the whole Mongol army that had remained in the region, including Kitbuqa, were either killed or captured that day. After the succession was settled and his brother Kublai Khan was established as Great Khan, Hulagu returned to his lands by Hulagu left behind only two tumens 20, men under the leadership of his favorite general Naiman Kitbuqa Noyan, a Nestorian Christian.

Under Hulagu’s leadership, the siege of Baghdad destroyed Baghdad’s standing in the Islamic world and weakened Damascuscausing a shift of Islamic influence to the Mamluk Sultanate in Cairo. The battle of Ain Jalut established a low-water mark for the Mongol conquest. For instance, Hulagu, who led Mongol forces into the Middle East during the second wave of the invasions inhad with him a thousand squads of engineers, evidently halwku north Chinese or perhaps Khitan provenance.


When he massed his armies to attack the Mamluks and hisotry the defeat at Ayn Jalut, however, he was instead drawn into civil war with Batu Khan ‘s brother Berke. Nestorian Christianityconverted to Buddhism on his deathbed.

Hulagu intended to continue southward through Palestine towards Cairo to fight the Mamluks.

85.History of Halaku Khan – Siege of Baghdad. Hindi & Urdu

All but one of his sons were killed. When the battle finally ended, the Egyptian army had accomplished what had never been done before, defeating a Mongol army in close combat.

The battle was short by siege standards.

From the head of the Mongol army, anxious to devastate the perfidious nation of the Saracens, with the good-will support of the Christian faith An Encyclopedia illustrated ed. Hulagu’s favorite wife, Doquz Khatunwas also a Christian, hitsory was his closest friend and general, Kitbuqa. He initiated a series of raids on Hulagu’s territories, led by Nogai Khan.

They met the Ufdu army of about 20, in the Battle of Ain Jalut and fought relentlessly for many hours. Il Milionea book on the travels of Venetian merchant Marco Polostates that Hulagu starved the caliph to death, but there is no corroborating evidence for that.

Timeline of the Mongol Empire. Citizens attempted to flee but were intercepted by Mongol soldiers. The invasion effectively destroyed the Ayyubids, which was until then a powerful dynasty that had ruled large parts of the LevantEgyptand the Arabian Peninsula.


Survivors ureu that the waters of the Tigris ran black with ink from the enormous quantity of books flung into the river. Baibars and Qutuz had hidden the bulk of kham forces in the hills to wait in ambush for the Mongols to come into range. In an unusual move, however, they allowed the Egyptian Mamluks to march northward without hindrance through Crusader territory and even let them camp near Acre to resupply.

History of Halaku Khan – Siege of Baghdad. Hindi & Urdu – video dailymotion

histpry The history of Persia. Siege of Baghdad Hulagu Khan laid the foundations of the Ilkhanate and thus paved the way for the later Safavid dynastic state, histoty ultimately the modern country of Iran. Hulagu sent multiple communications to Europe in an attempt to establish a Franco-Mongol alliance against the Muslims.

The Grand Library of Baghdadcontaining countless precious historical documents and books on subjects ranging from medicine to astronomy, was destroyed.

This force conquered Muslim Syria, a domain of the Ayyubid dynasty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.