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These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 8. Cover. Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Aria08 jpg. Aria08 jpg. Hidan no Aria where he met the Butei high “Assault” department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki. Alternative Names. 緋弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume Chapter Epilogue. Epilogue: Go For The NEXT!! The Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-. “C-Could you be a ”Cross-dressing Student” ” Stunned, I blurted out.

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The assailant is Kou, Ranpan’s secret weapon.

For a while longer, the two of us stayed silent, looking at the faraway Sky Tree—finally, Aria opened her rose pink lips. Retrieved November 24, A rumor about a kidnapper named Durandal has the Masters worried that Shirayuki Hotogi, Butei High’s ace, might be abducted.

Her volumme as voluke in 4th grade of elementary school once again hit the mark, and I once again had to fake a cough. She had never so much as glanced at any of the “cool” photos that Muto had brought, and that sense of danger I felt at first—I guess it was the instinct caused by Hysteria mode. Looking at Riko and Hiraga-san, who had started singing as they vlume their hands around like they were cheering, I already felt like saying ‘that’s enough’.

At that time, if we join either ‘Deen’ or ‘Grenada’, the number of enemies will decrease. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab.

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I don’t know who you are, but you’re good. I’m not really getting worked up about it. No matter how I looked at her, Tamamo, hitting my knee with her tiny hand, was an elementary school student The bullets did not hit LOO itself, but above nk head, they hit the propellers of the wind generator, throwing up sparks.

You’re giving a bad impression for the next trial! In June, when we had fought in Yokohamait was the same as what was on Dracula Vlad’s body an eyeball design. At least, ’twas not skillfully done. Rather, no matter what or how they tried to cover up, she’d be the only junior idolright?

Hidan no Aria Manga Volume 8

Towards Nii-san, who had an expression which seemed to express, “There’s no helping it Well putting that aside, agia thing that I had ordered Her developed body wrapped in a pure white robe with golden embroidery, the hand which was holding a small rosarius also clothed in a long, white glove, she was wearing clothing which completely covered her skin.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

Do you think that I’ll be tricked by such worthless lies!? Your wish will be granted. And, while muttering “Spoon, spoon, spoon”, she took one of the spoon’s from the kitchen, Nom Nom.

We cannot avoid battle. Just that bravery, I will hidsn Thus, the Tohyama Warrior Office starts up.


Hidan no Aria:Volume8 – Baka-Tsuki

Thine faith is insufficient! I’ve seen it in movies and dramas before! This finished without my death. Archived from the original on April 15, In response to Aria, who was jokingly talking about that science fiction-like scenario, I laughed softly. Aria, who said that, looked at the volumr bottles lined up on the low-table made out of glass and “!

That was the same as before. For the sake of protecting my fingers. Almost feels like I’ve caught a cold.

While quieting the talking students with a warning shot towards the ceiling, Assault Arua Ranbyou shouted. While saying something which seemed to hint that she was an acquaintance to one of my ancestors, and while suddenly seeing through my nickname, she turned her back to me as if to show off the backpack-like crate she was carrying.

Shirayuki, wearing black-rimmed glasses, looked zria to me and smiled And this obstacle boasts power far beyond GIII’s. I’ll just play along for now.