I Ching Hexagram 51 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 51 Zhen (Shocking) from the I Ching Book of Changes. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘A Jolt’. Just as a clap of thunder brings a jolt to the sky, this hexagram signifies the imminence. Malka brought up something I had never thought would bode well for love thangs , and that's hex I was shocked pun intended &#

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. Re-imagine the whole situation.

Discussion of union brings gossip. He accepts the material losses and ascends to lofty heights inaccessible to the threatening forces.

Action will lead only to evil under such conditions. Inspect and adjust yourself. The shock of encountering our fate, which seems unbearably harsh, causes emotional trauma. This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life. Circle of Meanings A disturbing and fertilizing shock; thunder, earthquake, male sexual energy; arouse, inspire, wake up, shake up, stir up, quicken; break through the shell, come out of the bud, the return of life in early spring.

That the approach of thunder presages trouble is indicated by the position of this yielding line over a firm one. The fourth line is dynamic in a magnetic place, and is pressed by the magnetic lines on either side, hence he is seen as supinely hesagrama in the mud.

51 Shake/Groundbreaker ZHEN

When an impulse to action comes, try to hold back before it leads you into compulsive entanglements. Hexagram 55 is the eldest son over the middle daughter. Change is in the air and while it may at first appear that something bad is happening, you will discover it has reawakened your lost passion. Situation not appropriate indeed. It is the moment when the fetus begins to stir, associated with dawn, the east, the rising sun, green and the wood moment. Try, at all costs, to maintain your composure.


Would that be a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche or pickup truck? Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. When things have settled down again, losses will prove to be illusory. Laughing words, shrieking, shrieking. Permeate Success comes when you achieve tranquility in disturbance.

I Ching, the Book of Changes – Yi Jing I.

The lesson here is that any structure is only defensible as long as it remains flexible and capable of evolution; life itself is in a state of constant flux and no merely human construction can hope to survive if it cannot adapt. Resistance would be contrary to the movement of the time and for this reason unsuccessful. Find the seed of the new by letting your actions speak, not your words.

Thunder goes and comes — dangerous.


When startling events are at their peak, clarity of vision and perspective can be lost. This hexagram hexatrama continuous thunder. The place is not the appropriate one.

Please type hexgrama characters required. Stir things up and open the field to new creative energy. The hidden influence of Obstruction is always a call to innovate. Each day we witness the mutability of nature and fail to recognize it in our own life. Shock brings an end to the old, but also a beginning to the new, even though we encounter many dangers to get there.


He cannot bring himself to a bright spot. Two of the very best are free. This is not the time to stand back and watch things take their course. In confused slander there is talk. We tend to think of shock only in terms of unpleasant events. You must deal with the corruption of nourishment and care now.

Shake twisting and turning! The potential for growth is excellent. Your interpretation is Eurocentric: Her doings are full of risk, but must be undertaken in her central position. He is motion and moves all hexagramw, an emerging Dragon.

I Ching 51 | i ching | Pinterest | I ching, Tarot and Taoism

A hundred thousand times you lose your treasures and must climb the nine hills. He will recover them after seven days. This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough. There will be gossip about marriage. Am I the anomaly? This for me has been what 51 has brought with her and I welcome these changes.