Heidegger, Martin, The Self-Assertion of the German University and The. Rectorate / Facts and Thoughts, Review of Metaphysics, (Mar .). of this “Heidegger controversy” (Thomson ) shows that it has long had the .. Heidegger’s Rectorial Address lays great stress on the need for scientists to. Martin Heidegger wanted his writings to speak for themselves. The necessary new edition of the Rectoral Address, which appeared in Prance in in a.

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They were appointed to professorships only when it had become impossible not to acknowledge their qualifications and the scandal apparent. The reaction was swift: To help the reader, I have added a number of footnotes.

Martin Heidegger and Nazism – Wikipedia

The notice had already been posted in all German universities. Those who even then were so endowed with the gift of prophecy that they foresaw all that came, as it came— I was not so wise— why did they wait almost ten years before opposing the threatening disaster?

The same is no more only the indistinctive coincidence of the identical.

Heidegger knew this could cost Staudinger his job. A pointer may suggest how I saw the historical situation even then.

Heidegger at Freiburg, | The New Criterion

The law of June 26,made six months of such service mandatory for every young German. The reference to East Germans concerns the expulsion of Germans after World War II from territories across eastern Europe, which displaced about 15 million and killed another 0. With a lecture about university and science I attempted to clarify the core section of the Rectoral Address and, with reference to the above-named dangers, to present the task of the university more forcefully. As far as the content is concerned, four points should be singled out: This is the original essence of science.


T here is no doubt that Heidegger soon realized that his adventure in public life had gone disastrously awry. Hitler had become chancellor of a coalition cabinet in the disintegrating Weimar Republic on January Equally, Hermine Rohner, a student from tobears testimony to the fact Heidegger “wasn’t afraid, as for him, even in front of students from all faculties so not only “his” studentsto attack National Socialism so openly that I hunched up my shoulders.

Something genuinely new seemed to be beginning — a people’s rule without political parties, with a leader of whom it was hoped that he would unite Germany once more internally and make her self-assured externally. The fact that, until this day, I never took note of such doings and furthermore never allowed myself to be drawn into honoring them with a reply, only further enraged persons so ill endowed that I had never attacked them.

Metzler Verlag,translated by Richard Wolin. The address was not understood by those whom it concerned; neither was its content understood, nor was it understood in this respect: Only if we resolutely submit to this distant command to recapture the greatness of the beginning, will science become the innermost necessity of our being Dasein.

Heidegger at Freiburg, 1933

In response to her concern about these rumors that he was becoming anti-Semitic, Heidegger wrote ironically:. Today everything stands in this historical reality, no matter whether it is called communism, or fascism, or world democracy. Ques- tioning then unfolds its ownmost strength to unlock in all things what is essential.

There it awaits us, a distant command bidding us catch up with its greatness. Then, the week after Heidegger’s election, the national Reich law of April 28, came into effect, overriding Wagner’s decree, and requiring that all Jewish professors from German universities, including those who had converted to Christianity, be fired. From now on this bond will be fixed and rooted in the being Dasein of the German student by means of the Labor Service Arbeitsdienst.


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Nicolai Hartmann Stuttgart und Berlin: And even more, had things been different, would the Second World War have become possible? But he was neither an uncritical fellow traveller, nor an active party member.

But to other Nazi thinkers, Heidegger’s philosophy appeared too abstract, too difficult, to be of much use [ They were not to be allowed to sneak into the movement and use it to their advantage.

He co-signed a public telegram sent by Nazi rectors to Hitler on May 20, I understood defense as self-defense. Up to now, research and teaching have been carried on at the universities as they were for decades. In a situation so pregnant with consequence, his blindness was not merely a failure of insight. Stein and from Scheel of plans to replace the present occupants of several chairs in Freiburg.

I explained to the Student Leader that as long as I was rector, this notice would find no place in this university. See my lecture,on Nietzsche’s word “God is Dead. But in the following years teaching, too, became more a conversation of essential thinking with itself.

All science remains bound to that beginning of philosophy. We understand the German university as the “high” school that, grounded in science, by means of science educates and disciplines the leaders and guardians of the fate of the German people.