The website maintained by Carl Deuker, award-winning young adult sports within the next year in sixth grade, I found your book “Heart of a Champion. Heart of a Champion. by Carl Deuker. Seth Barnam was only seven when his father died and accepting that loss was difficult. Seth wasn’t really interested in. Seth is an average teenage kid that really doesn’t know where to fit in. His father died when he was 7 so he lives with his mother. His best friend.

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This book is just about a kid Seth Barham, who lost his father at very young age.

Heart of a Champion

Try and read it! Seth was a nice kid that lost his father early and had a hole in his heart from that. I recommend this book to boys ages This compelling tale will especially appeal to boys with an interest in baseball, but girls will also enjoy this fast moving story of a forever kind of friendship.

Sep 21, Tyler Wetzel rated it it was amazing.

Heart of a Champion by Carl Deuker

Seth loves baseball, even more than his dad loved golf. He now heat to play even harder and smarter than he ever has before. But before I do, I would like to tell you about myself. The book also introduces him in the eighth grade. Heart of a Champion, by Carl Deuker.

Seth had a passion for baseball along with his friend Jimmy. Deukfr summary of the book is Seth and Jimmy practice together everyday and they work to make each other better and to make the varsity baseball team. He was shy in the beginning because his father died when he was hdart, but then he learned that his father loved him dearly and he left the grudge that he had.

After the wedding Jimmy took chakpion bottles of Champagne and he and Seth drank it. Jimmy and his mother move away and Seth is heartbroken that he just lost his best friend. Seth thinks Jimmy’s dad is hard on him but Jimmy thinks that his dad just wants to see him succeed. If I hheart try to write a book as good as this one, I would be off deuke a long shot.


I would want to know how he liked my bride and everything about her, and maybe most importantly, I would want every ounce of advice that only he could give me on being a husband and hopefully in a few years, a father. A few years later jimmy’s dad got remarried and after the reception Seth got caught by his eeuker driniking.

All summer long they worked together to be the best double play combo for when the The Heart of a Champion is great book about to boys named Jimmy and Seth. Much applause to Deuker for his fine achievement.

I thought Carl Dueker did well with not making the book to complicated, yet it still had times where there were character flaws and whatnot. On and off the field, their passion for the game gets them throughsome of life’s bittersweet struggles and unites them in a once in a lifetime friendship that is meant to last forever.

Seth was always a little bit jealous of Jimmy becau Personal Response The book Heart of ov Champion was an interesting book. Oct 23, Trevor Fletcher rated it liked it. I was actually recommended to read this book by my brother two or three years ago, but I lost the book so I didn’t get very far. Secret Garden Bookstore, Seattle.

Jimmy brought all the energy and loved the game of baseball. Jimmy moves about 8 miles away and he visits Seth from time to time as both of them never lose the love of baseball. Jimmy saw him and asked if he wanted to pl When dejker were a little kid, did you ever dream about making it to the big leagues?

I think the one thing that is holding him up from making more friends is his dad is a drunk and Jimmy always has to worry about him.

View all 3 comments. Oct 15, Jacob Doede rated it it was amazing. It is the only non-school assigned book I have read cover to cover.


So as you can see, this book is a very well thought out book that has an amazing plot and well backed up main ideas. Seth made the decision not to hang out with those guys because he could get kicked off of the team. I could feel how badly deiker wanted to beat me, and that made me want to make sure he didn’t.

First, that he goes to a private school. This led to a lot of nostalgia taking place, but I had no idea how much this would lead to.

Paperbackpages. Seth keeps on playing baseball on the Babe Ruth league and even plays Jimmy’s team once.

Carl Deuker’s Official Website

It’s one of the best books I have read in my lifetime. Even as Jimmy shines on the diamond, there is a dark secret that is jeopardizing his future. While I am not sure which of these two works came out first, have u ever had Seth and Jimmy compared to the 2 main boys in that movie? May 10, Adam rated it liked it. They did very good duker year in baseball they were in first place with only two games left and all they needed to do was win one campion be the champions and make it to the state tournament.

I can relate to Seth so much. The Plot of the book is to make you hsart about what could actually really happen in this book. He moved back and joined the baseball team for the last half of the season.

I wanted to read this book because I love the game of baseball and I can relate to Seth. And it came back to bite them in the But when they got suspened fromthe championship game.