Description. The HCPL voltage/current threshold detection optocou- pler consists of an AlGaAs LED connected to a threshold sens- ing input buffer IC. Description. The HCPL/ and HCPL are voltage/ current threshold detection optocouplers. The HCPL-. is a low-current version of the. HCPLE Broadcom / Avago Logic Output Opto-couplers AC/DC to Logic datasheet, inventory & pricing.

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The price for the calibration service is already included in the final price for calibrated version. Register now Forgot password.

HCPL-3700-000E – Optocoupler 4 kBit/s DIL-8 – Broadcom

Close An error occurred, your message could not be sent. I don’t know if it is correct or not. An identification of the calibration method eg.

Can I return the calibrated item if I am not satisfied with the device itself? We will check the case and contact you as soon as possible.


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How reliable is it? What do I receive if I choose a calibrated product at Distrelec?

An error occurred, your message could not be sent. Should there be a fuse? The Intertek calibration certificates include: The reading and accuracy of the instruments may change over time. Propagation Delay Time Max. Usually the time for the calibration of your device can be handled within 5 working days.

HCPLE | Buy Optocoupler 4 kBit/s DIL-8 | Broadcom

HCPL circuit Please if you ae going to give AC signal connect between 1 and 7300 for dc connect between 2 and 3 form 8th pin connect a pull up to 6th pin max 10k and you will the output as per truth table. Hcpll modulator in Transmitter what is the A? I have been told that although the optocoupler has ac or dc input it is best to first convert ac to dc? Product specifications Operating Temperature Max.


Thank you for your message. Introduction In collaboration with Intertek, Distrelec is offering a calibration service for new electronic test and measurement instruments.

Losses in inductor of a boost converter 370. E-invoicing Reduce paperwork and access all invoices in one place using My Account. Synthesized tuning, Part 2: The Intertek calibration service provides the assurance that your instruments perform as stated in the datasheet. Can I get my instruments re-calibrated and is it necessary?

Please enter your name and your e-mail address. An error occurred the product could not be saved. You need to register to use hvpl feature. If you close this banner, or continue browsing, it means you consent for us to use cookies.

The answer for both topic is yes. Send to a friend.