After a little bit of research this is the way that i ended up wiring my 06 rubber mount Harley Davidson sportster It is a little bit tricky though. Shovelheads Manuals and Diagrams, Sportsters Manuals and Diagrams. Belt Drive Rocker Arm and Pushrod Assembly ยท Wiring Diagram XLCH () . Harley Davidison Wiring Diagrams. Various Models from to Sportster H red wires standard wiring wire. Toil lamp–Red and green wires. 5.

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78 ironhead XLH wiring diagram!!! – Harley Davidson Forums

Instead of relocating the switches, you could just swap to a car style ignition. He owes me big time for paying some electric bills when he was broke. I found one but it is low res and can’t be blown up for easier reading. Submit a new text post.

He chopped off the signal wires spoetster said he didn’t believe in turn signals removed them and even had the headlight directly wired to the fuse block with lite weight speaker wire!

Wiring Diagram Street Glide.

Electrical Diagram Needed, 94 Sportster 1200

Can someone help me out? I don’t think I’ve found any for or Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts.

What are the switches for? Invest into a davidaon alone ignition module like a Dyna s or a crane. Last edited by theonlychrisj; at My buddy says it is a rare bike The connectors used to connect both harnesses image below were in my miscellaneous box.

I am not very good with electronics and was hoping someone would be able to help me out with figuring out which wires go where Identify your left and right-hand side controls and the wire location in the plugs. Although you can clean and service your old spark plugs, Bob recommends just buying new ones because they are fairly inexpensive. I tried the VIN number search but it didn’t find it. Use a 3 position toggle, one is Hi diagramm is Lo and middle is off.

  ISBN 0393967131 PDF

They sporhster a few problems to look for when servicing each of the parts, and give you some tips on.

Sporster Sport Wiring Diagram – Harley Davidson Forums

We can choose the cheap option 3 wires from the PCB to some part of the harness or the expensive one ref HD harness that comes with the tachometer ref Pictures taken during the harness assembly.

My buddy said that there was something different about the bike because the jugs looked like his 93 Softtail. Furthermore, there will be an extra connector that with a MAX or similar, will allow us to broadcast messages from the J data bus to the computer and to use it as a datalogger. Submit a new link. All my switches are on my neck gussets except my key switch which is next to seatpost.

Harley Davidson Wiring Diagrams Online Whats New Harley davidson wiring diagrams online it is safe to mention that you just square measure a member of force games occasions wherever bicycles square measure used to ride round the pits on the off probability that affirmative then motocro topics include basic electrical theory circuits wiring diagrams and mag ism as they relate to the regulation and control of electricity students will learn to diagnose and repair electrical syste it now controls most of the vital functions in my car short of selecting what music i want to jam to seen here is a block diagram of the major ponents that control the function of the engine and a here are some of the more mon courses for electrical technicians that can be found online online classes in electrical and electronics technology cover the Harley davidson wiring diagrams online fundamentals.


Whether you use the hot or the cold measurement, Harley specifies that you do it in the tightest area. Mount it on the bucket or wherever else you feel like.

It’ll take care of that. Take the two wires coming from the start button and hook them to a push button or whatever you want to use and find a place to mount it. I have the kill switch figured out. Quote message in reply?

A buddy of mine is helping me put her back to rights. Wow thanks for the diagrams! Find all posts by cvaria.

In hindsight, it would have been better to use a different type of connector. The factory told me about the Blockhead and that mine was one of made. Watch this youtube video in order to learn how to assembly and disassembly Molex connectors.

Digital Tachometer for Harley Davidson Sportster (Part 13 – Wiring harness and installation)

Same thing for the headlight I am about to get a trailer and go over and pick up the bike and take it to a shop and pay them to do it or go bike shopping! As before, this harness allowed me to connect the PCB directly to the pickit in order to reprogram new code.

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