· · · · · · · · · The Hantarex Polo. (25″ model displayed). Resources: Manual: http://arcarc. % I won a golden tee golf machine off ebay for spares or repairs. The fault was no display so i guest.

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Or should I hwntarex with something like the p test suite and find settings that look good to me? If the flyback is bad you will have to replace it.


This cage needs to be removed if ever you go to repair this chassis, these are the steps for removing it: Page 1 of 2. Daewoo RSS series C3 10uf 63v originally fitted: Determine if its the game board or monitor.

I am really new to this, please explain more. This black jumper wire is a very handy feature, as it will prevent the monitor from powering on with the yoke unplugged running any monitor with the yoke connections not plugged in can potentially damage the chassis.

Ever notice a transition between a dark screen to a bright white one and the whole picture expands and contracts? Daewoo RSS series C 1uf v originally fitted: Is it worth me repairing the chassis?? Chemicon SME series C 4. At least, i’ve never had one gone bad on one of those anyway!

HANTAREX POLO 25 – UK-VAC : UK Video Arcade Collectors Forum – Page 1

The part is Philips BUA. Flyback replacement old intelligence with Bob Roberts replacement flybacks: Another place to check is the flyback, inspect for cracks. Which of them needs replacing? I won a golden tee golf machine off ebay for spares or repairs.


This particular one had high voltage, but no heater glow. Send a private message to john There are two ceramic resistors, these are prone to the solder joints cracking — or in the case of the transformer chassis, an entire chunk of the PCB broke off underneath. I’ve had to do that with a wells garner before.

You should be getting v or thereabouts. The transistors are typically plastered in flux. December 31, Hanttarex the component side, you may visually see cracks like in the bottom picture.

Hantarex Polo 25 / 28 Arcade Monitor Cap Kit

I presumed you’ve checked the fuse? Originally Posted by Sluggy Not all polo2’s are dual! There is a slight wobble of the picture but nothing significant. So i checked the incoming power, 225 was OK.

I know this may be obvious, but check your video connectionsand make sure the blue wire is correctly connected, Use a multimeter to trace back to the jamma harness. One is for non inverted video no mirror the other is for inverted video using a mirror Ed West.

Luckily a friend had 2 of them and he gladly send them over I am trying to manually calibrate the chassisI found that after a while I get this discoloration on the right side: Find all posts by cueball.


C is in fact C If you now get blue, your wiring is bad.

Hantarex Polo 25 / 28 Arcade Monitor Cap Kit

The following 90 degree method is an optional step, permitting you want the transistors to never move. Daewoo RS series C 10uf 63v originally fitted: Did not have chance to power it up but i did a continuity check on TH, on the photo the black circles were ok but the red circles was not. Contact me for more info or email arcademonitorsalesandrepair twc.

You can see plain as day how many cracks there were in the flyback area. There are two types of neck sockets: Daewoo RSS series C 22uf 50v originally fitted: Find all posts by mecha.

Remove the power supply cage. If this is ok, can you hear a faint clicking coming from the psu area? Also there is supposed to be a 25″ medium resolution K If not, get you mutlimeter, set it to volts DC range and put you red probe in the yoke plug, the black probe on the lopt heatshield. Daewoo RSS series C2 10uf 63v originally fitted: Hantarex Polo 25 No Blue Colour?