Julia Jurgenson Writing September 27, Jonah Lehrer’s article “ Groupthink” is mainly about producing new ways of brainstorming. He discusses the. Groupthink: The brainstorming myth. The New Yorker. The ideas presented in Jonah Lehrer’s article were very interesting, especially for someone . And in his New Yorker article, Jonah Lehrer cites research Suffice it to say, we dislike consensus-based “Groupthink” as much as the next.

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Lehrer made it clear that Brian Uzzi considered it much easier to work together and share ideas with people you are familiar with than to be embarrassed to share your outlandish ideas with strangers that may think your thoughts are bizarre. Some of us decided years ago not to explicitly focus on the personality dimensions of Myers Briggs, for a multitude of reasons that I will not go into here in this abbreviated post.

Another incubator for creativity was Building 20 on the M.

Groupthink: The brainstorming myth – Mindy Ahrens

If your organization seeks to build level 10 riders, that academic research is essentially irrelevant. Whether everyone likes it or not, much that goes on in the context of wicked challenges needs to be socially constructed. I bet we could come up with our own stories about creative innovations that came from a chance meeting in a hallway or between schools in the village.

If it is helpful to anyone in this discussion group, I can tell you that we have not groupthijk anything in those two articles or the bandwagon stream following them that would inspire us to change the directions of what we do in the realm of enabling cross-disciplinary cocreation and building integrative thinking capacity. Notify me of new comments via email.

In fact, Jones study seemed to lehred discrepancies in the studies of others, like Yale University, that are at odds with Alex Osborn. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But then again all that eye-ball directing drama would have been missed…: With such a hunger out there for posting material that drives eyeballs to web sites it seems to matter more if the content is provocative and less if it makes any real sense.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Brian Uzzi, a sociologist at Northwestern, lehree Broadway musicals as examples of group groupthinl. People have a belief that their ideas are crazy, but when they try them, they realize the ideas are reasonable and it opens up the doors to lehrdr thinking outside of the box as well.

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Assignment 2: Lehrer “Groupthink” Summary and Analysis

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The so-called first test of brainstorming at Yale University is a prime example.

Doing so is never particularly beneficial to anyone, except perhaps the creators of such time-warp arguments.

Clearly these two articles are blunt force instruments, not in any way shy about what they are aggressively throwing on the table, or what might get blown up in the process. For the folks in this business there is nothing new in what Susan Cain eventually gets around to suggesting; consideration of physical environments, realization that some prefer alone work, individual candy bars, etc. One might take into joanh time considerations, that bike riding in would probably be different from the bike riding that took place fifty or sixty years ago.

On that front I would say she is herself just entering the front door of the learning curve. I also thought that his ideas were intriguing. Quite apart from the personal attributes of introverts, these are realities in the arena of wicked problems today. How stuff gets done is often about participation, co-framing, buy-in and various social constructions.

Some of the outcomes were Chomsky’s studies of linguistics, the Bose speakers, advances in high-speed photography, and the elhrer video game.

In general I would say there is a rather frustrated, unsung perspective calling out there, especially in Quietthat deserves to be voiced and better understood in organizational contexts. He points to a study by Charlan Nemeth, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, to show that brainstorming with criticism actually gives better creative results!

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The study at Yale yielded no factual information to disprove the success of the creation of new ideas purported by Osborn or his publications.

Lehrer fails to point this out. Much of that logic stream is just plain nonsense, but certainly everyone is entitled to their point of view and approach to marketing. These two articles contain many differences, but manage to make the same errors at a foundational research level in attempting to offer up what they energetically frame as new perspectives on problems and solution paths.

GroupThink by Jonah Lehrer Entertaining: Home About Assignment 1: The method of debating and combining familiar people to create things, such as plays, could be combined to generate the greatest brainstorming technique yet. The bike might be different, the riding interface might be different, etc. From a research perspective one could conceivably: Lehrer’s definition of brainstorming is the rapid listing of ideas without criticism or negative feedback.

Of course the notion that multiple states of bicycle riding do exist has been known for decades. Email required Address never made public. Email required Address never made public.

Analysis Essay, Jonah Lehrer’s “Brainstorming” | montymyman

Whether everyone likes it or not, the notion of a skills progression ladder is always going to apply regardless of whether it groupfhink an individual or collective interface that must be mastered. The first example of this is the Pixar headquarters. Such assumptions are not great signals regarding the depth of their own knowledge. Apart from the hyperbolics the introvert point of view is, in organizations, often jona but not listened to or just plain missing.

GroupThink by Susan Cain Entertaining: