Lactómetro de Quevenne. b. puede sumergirse el lactómetro en un baño- maria de una temperatura de 30 á 36 grados; pero vale mas esperarla separación. Para expresar la densidad en grados Quevenne o lactodensimétricos, se suprime el entero y la primera cifra decimal. Así, una densidad de. Los órganos génito-urinarios la ofrecen en un grado mas marcado; con el nombre de digitalina, propuestas por los señores Quevenne y.

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There are several undertakings of this kind, grwdos none of such importance as Lacroze’s Rural Tramway, which, starting from the city, will ultimately reach as far south as Bahia Blanca. There are sixteen Argentine hospitals in Buenos Aires. Of their merits, an idea may also be had from the fact that so many Argentine writers received prizes at the late Paris Exhibition.

The Provinces reserve the right to elect their own judges as well as the other officials that their local constitutions demand. The Congress is convened every year, and its sessions last from the 1st of May to the 30th grqdos September.

In the middle of the forests, there are wide spaces, bare of trees, that the natives call pampas, plains. Both are divided into three faculties, to wit: Those districts whose population exceeds 1, inhabitants have the right to elect a municipal council, composed of five members.

Thus it is that by many the field of literature is trodden only to reach the political arena, which is always open to those who have distinguished themselves through their writings. Other cases are decided by a juez letrado, appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Commercial Directory of Peru.

Tratado metódico y práctico de Materia Médica y de Terapéutica, tomo primero – Free Ebook

This congress was held at Montevideo, Uruguay, from August 25,to February 18, He exercises the patronato in the presentations of bishops, concedes the passage or retains all rescripts and bulls from the Holy See, appoints and removes his ministers, and, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints the judges of the Supreme Court and those of inferior courts, diplomatic ministers, governors of territories, and officers of the army and navy above the rank of colonel.


Nothing in the history of Argentina is more remarkable than the creation of this quwvenne. The principal main drain is 16 miles long, terminating below Quilmes. It may some day prove as well suited for sheep-farming as West Falk- land. First Annual Report, iSgi. It was founded in This battle, called the battle of Chacabuco, was fought on the 1 2th of February,and is commemorated by the Chilean people as the battle that gave quevenn their independence.

Twenty-one days later, Belgrano routed the forces of Tristan in the battle of Tucuman. The capital of the Province is the city of Santa Fe, situated on the banks of the river of the same name, which is gravos branch of the Parana.

The President, who as it has been seen, is elected in precisely the same manner as in gradoe United States, can not be successively reelected, and his term of office is six years. A greater part of this territory is not, as is commonly supposed, a plain pampa nor a desert. The Province of Salta is situated to the south of Jujuy, and has an area of 45, square miles andinhabitants.

To-day, the whole of Patagonia is free from Indian domination, having in its very center, at Chubut, a most prosperous colony, which is con- nected with its nearest seaport on the Atlantic by a railroad.

And Martin de Marcy, the celebrated French writer, says that “to tell the truth about Misiones is to exaggerate. The Supreme Court and the other federal courts have jurisdiction over all constitutional cases, over those relating to ambassadors, ministers, and foreign consuls, and to admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, as well as over those cases to which the nation is a party, and over the settlement of disputes between the Provinces. Its population is about 15, Even its language is not pure Castilian.

It has one normal school, two large Catholic schools, and quite a number of ele- mentary schools. Patent and Trade-Mark Laws E. Several new institutions of learn- ing were founded by his efforts, and the education of the masses received his special attention.

Tratado metódico y práctico de Materia Médica y de Terapéutica, tomo primero

Brados rains usually commence in October and end in May. The millions of wild animals, such as ostriches, guanacos, etc. One of the principal industries of Santiago del Estero is the sawing of its magnificent woods. Quevene anomaly was ended by Congress passing a law by which the city of Buenos Aires was declared to be the capital of the Republic. The house in which the Congress convened is kept in perfect order, no alterations having been made to the hall in which the declaration was signed.


That part of the island to the west of this line belongs to Chile.

A secretary countersigns the signa- tures of the governors. Being in fluvial quevdnne railroad communication with all the Republic, many of the products exported from, and imported into, the Provinces situ- ated to the north of Buenos Aires are exported and imported brados way of Rosario, which is easily reached by all seagoing ships, the Parana River being navigable for them. Commercial Directory of Haiti and Santo Do- mingo. There is also a court of second instance composed of three judges, before whom appeals can be made from the decisions of the juez de mercado.

From the ships lying at anchor in the roads, from the train rushing through the camp westward and southward, from horseback on the circumjacent plains, one beholds, as darkness qevenne upon the earth, a sudden and brilliant illumina- tion ; it is the electric lights of the fairy city. Thus it happened that when the time came to free themselves from the yoke of Spain, the colonists had to learn the difficult lesson of self-government, while in North America, that lesson was known by heart many years before Quevennne was born.

A tunnel 4 feet high conveys the filtered water to the pumps, which are horse power and can throw up gallons at each revolution, or 15, graddos daily, to a height of feet. Inthere were 32 agricultural colonies — a number that in had increased to 54 and in to