GorkaMorka Fort – posted in GORKAMORKA: I have just aquired the full rulz set. I have other GW sets so I have all the dice needed. does. World’s First Gorkamorka Battle Report. -We Wuz ‘Ere Furst!: Scenario with Scrap that uses the Fort from the boxed game and the Watchtower. GorkaMorka Fort 1 This fort won the senior (15 yrs+) category at our build a fort competition. It was built by Nikki, James and Minkus. The thing which set this fort .

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I felt like trying to build a cheap terrain project this evening, so I set about building a Mutie tent, inspired by the card ones in the Digganob box. Fortunately Terragenesis is still around and the two forts featured in the original piece still have articles there with even more photos:. I figured the plastic itself would be a nightmare to get spackle to stick to, so the first step was to build up some structure to create a skeleton for the polyfilla to build on.

In actuality they have arches allowing a vehicle to drive right through them, also handy as a deployment location for a scenario. Originally from Citadel Journal 27 this article was primarily credited to Gary James, the founder of Terragenesis.

Using yet more glue I painted the base, making sure to not get much on the tent which was dry by this stage.

If that’s the case, I’ve only used the bulkheads wich I believe is the same as in Necromunda. Flickriver widget for iGoogle or Netvibes can display almost any Flickriver view borkamorka most interesting today, by user, by group, gorkamorma tag etc. We stuck our hill to it and then trimmed the scraggly edges.

Center-weighted average White Balance: The panel to the right of the door is foamcore with cocktail sticks stuck in it to create those vicious spikes. Later some of the chunky seashell sand I use was added to this area, creating a texture that would hold filler.


Runny paint quickly drips and ruins surfaces with built up paint where it has collected. To get the rocky texture, trim chunks off them with your fingers. In terms of mechanics the town opens up a host of new possibilities for how to handle movement and other special actions. Clickr on one of the buttons below to install: IE users – add the link to your Favorites under the Links folder View on Flickriver open on same page View on Flickriver open on new page.

The former is a wide spray that should allow you to quickly cover a vehicle or piece of terrain in a few passes, the latter provides a thin line of paint that can quickly be passed over things.

TerraGenesis was created in by Gary James and is currently owned, edited and maintained by Andy Slater, however the ideas and opinions expressed are those of the individual contributors. Next thing to point out is that in addition to those there are a great many places through which mounted models can find their way i.

I may well make some more soon.

GorkaMorka Fort #1

This shot shows the sewer trench running around the fort and the pipe spewing gunk into it mind you, it wasn’t the only thing spewing into the trench.

Decide on the rough size of the rocks and take a suitably large chunk out of your foam with a knife or a pair of scissors. A mixture of browns drybrushed onto the tent itself gave the colour you gokamorka at the start of the article I used a fine-point permanent marker to do the stitching on the little patch.

As long as you keep the coats quick and light, the model will have dried by the time the next coat is applied. A small-ish house painting brush trimmed down a little to facilitate dry-brushing was used to semi drybrush. If you cover the postage, it’s for free. The car repair mesh has been roughly wired gorkamoria with fuse wire, which looks effective. Also, you might want to provide some flat ish parts of the rocks to gorksmorka models on.


Well, one scanning session later and I present it here for all to find. No Flash Exposure Program: Several functions may not work.

Gorkamorka fort

I also made sure to make the edges frot, rather than an abrupt end to the base. More on that later. I haven’t been able to find the fort on e-bay, or anywhere else, so if I can get the cutouts, I can make a close enough version. Details This model is stacked with nice touches here and there. Now get some terrain built for the club please Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to any Flickriver view example: With the card firmly in place, I started adding pre-mixed filler to the structure, which was then left to dry over night.

It was built by Nikki, James and Minkus.

TerraGenesis: GorkaMorka Fort #1

Internal details are important in something like a fort, which has a big square area in the middle. So, a Sunday afternoon was spent making some rocks and the method goes something like this: The decking on the floor of this section is nice – just balsa wood strips painted foft and dry-brushed. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.