William Bramley, author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden, has given an exclusive interview for the readers of. Gods of Eden by William Bramley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is also an unauthorized Spanish-language edition of The Gods of Eden that has been made available as a PDF on the internet. I do not know who.

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Maybe early man took these powerful visitors as their masters, but understood they were not “god” in the sense of a Creator unless, in a way, they were, because they may have altered human DNA.

Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a fascinating tomb complex with rare finds in Saqqara. And to face up to the consequences of this realization?

Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member point system OR just post your comment below as a Guest. Moving forward through time he demonstrates again, and again their connection to revolution and any new philosophy that gains a foothold in our global culture: However, it is a blast to read wwilliam if you take it with those grains of salt, take what you need edem leave the rest, you will be entertained.

If you are interested in history or the pf truth this is most definitely a book for you but it comes with one fall. I think the best analogy was expressed by Charles Fort a century ago: Serious UFOlogists will be annoyed at the lack of speculation on the authors part, as in essence, the hidden hand remains hidden and is rarely given attention save as a theoretical concept.

In many cases, farmers try to treat their animals well. Or anyone who watched StarGate. For example, he quotes the bible in several parts, and demonstrates that the appearance of ‘God’ in several passages is marked by thundering, smoke, or strange gids phenomenon: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. He does not go any further into explanations of the many sightings in past or modern times, as there are many books covering those. Looking for beautiful books?

The Gods of Eden Q&A – William Bramley, Author

Do you still take the theory seriously? He interprets writings in a much more literal willizm then most historians and fails to excuse their words as metaphor, nonsense or hysterical babble.


When I read that, I thought, uh-oh, this might be a sign of what I feared could happen. Soon the lie of “Arab terrorists who hate our freedoms” will no longer be effective. It also gives no solution. A later visit by Jehovah contained the same phenomena: At various times over the years I have picked it up and reread a chapter here or there. After Rhodes died, the Round Table spawned other secret organizations in America such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Institute for Advanced Study involved in developing the atomic bomb.

A very interesting Interview with William Bramley

What is the relation between these ETs and the influential institutions of the modern worldsuch as national governments in particular that of the U. I think the book taps into a belief that has been around for as long as bralmey beings have been here. Mar 28, John Black rated it it was amazing. Anyway, I hope that this “Species Replacement Hypothesis” is wrong.

Gods of Eden

William Bramley Reviewed by Theresa Welsh I first read The Gods of Eden some years back the book was first published in and it made an impression on me as being a bit different from the other alternate history works I had read. It has been suggested that the next enemy will be “the ETs” who presumably also “hate our freedoms”.

In the Garden of Eden, “god” wanted to keep Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Aug 16, Sahishnu Majumdar rated it really liked it. He covers the crusades and Knights Templar ofFreemasonry of to the present, Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati ofthe problems associated with fiat currency such as hyperinflation, America’s central bank ofCIA and US Army open-air germ warfare experiments directed against American citizens fromthe Russian use of low frequency radar waves targeting the United States to change human behaviour by targeting neurological and physiological functioning of the s, and international bankers repeatedly funding both sides of a war.

Is there any reports of these hybrids not having a Soul??? If it is not, then yes, there will likely be a much more visible manifestation of UFOs in the future, but it would not be a happy event. Very interesting, but you have to stick it out as i found some parts of the book to be repetitive. Someone calling him or herself “Sunlight Publishing” had taken this PDF and made an unauthorized Kindle version from it that was sold at Amazon, although it has since been removed.

The Adam and Eve story, the Tower of Babel story, along with their predecessors in earlier Mesopotamian legends, suggest that this knowledge is something that humans will never be allowed to fully attain. Some of it is similar to some of the opinions expressed by David Icke. When you look at UFO abduction reports, you see that humans are treated a lot like livestock. The secret life of an ancient concubine.


If not for anything else, this book hint at where we humans are going wrong and what can be done to better our existence on Earth at many places. Inin an area called Overall the book is incredible, it contains facts and research I haven’t seen anywhere else except for a few other incredible books.

Jul 30, Brent Cope rated it it was amazing Shelves: In fact, festivals and celebrations marking the And this despite the rights guaranteed to U. Apr 20, Katerina Kostaki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Early man mistook these superior beings as “gods. The aim of the Custodians in working through these religions is to keep mankind from understanding its spiritual nature, which must be grounded in ethics and personal responibility for spiritual growth.

A very interesting Interview with William Bramley | Ancient Origins

A farmer in Burkina Faso looked to his ancestors and came up with an innovative solution. Suffice it to say that behind this smokescreen there is ample evidence of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth.

Such a God may actually be the whole of many parts that include all spiritual beings including us and our Custodians. But for the claims made in this book as to UFOs and other historical happenings, the links or symbols alleged to showing a pattern across them are very loose that they look like tall tales. Other organizations that use secret rituals, like the Freemasons, are also associated with this Brotherhood.

We’re also shown how eschatology, or the concept of an apocalypse was given to us by the same custodial sources.

In today’s society, we are seeing a gradual consolidation of the human food supply into ever fewer hands as the result of corporate farming, seed patents, and the loss of bees and other pollinators what will cause us to become more dependent on grains brampey are becoming increasingly monopolized through seed patents. Buy The Gods of Eden at amazon.