Günter Grass, one of the most important writers in post war Germany, and for reasons of brevity and accessibility went for ‘Im Krebsgang’,. Im Krebsgang (English, German and German Edition) [Günter Grass] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Günter Grass. März Günter Grass: Im krebsgang. Quellen: Taschenbuch “Im Krebsgang” von Günter Grass Reclam Lektüreschlüssel An den Jahrgang.

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Belonging to the generation of those who fled west after the end of the war, he encourages Paul to write of the sinking as a substitute for his own failure to do so. Germans were victims too–a different perspective.

In Icy Baltic Waters

Politically she is difficult to classify, except as an extremist: He now has a teenage son, Konrad. The mysterious figure of the old one stands between Grass and the narrator Paul. But this question is not of course just relevant to one family, but to a whole generation. The events surrounding the biggest naval disaster in history and tnter tragic outcome are not an easy topic to bring to the attention of the reader of fifty-some years later.

The protagonist’s awkward relationships with his mother and his estranged son, explored via the crabbed process of scouring the wreckage of history for therapeutic insight, lends appropriateness to the title.

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A Russian submarine happened upon the vessel and sank it with a loss of all but known survivors according to Hastings; 1, according to Grassmaking this the greatest maritime disaster in history. He is best known for his first novel, “The Tin Drum”grwss key text in European magic realism.


The ship sank in the icy Baltic within an hour. The Wilhelm Gustloff had too few lifeboats, which were chaotically launched: The narrator is a man who was born on the ship as it was sinking, or on the u-boat that rescued his pregnant mother, one of the more fascinating characters one can read about in any book.

The story revolves around a silly happening in today’s world where the Internet exists and is a common modality for communication. Tug lib throw out. He fails to see that some of his lack of direction is due to the circumstances of his birth, but he is able to blame his mother for being so promiscuous that he can’t know who is father was, whereas if he were less judgemental he would admit that he could just as easily have been fatherless if his father died in the war.

Wolfgang, though not Jewishprojects a Jewish persona. Paul, representing the next generation, comes over as a passionless liberal, something of a drifter, brought up without a father, living in both the East and vrass West Berlin, writing as a journalist for papers with a broad range of political positions, drifting into and then out of his relationship with Grasss.

The novel is narrated from the point of view of Paul Pofrieke, born on the 30th January, just after his mother had been saved from the sinking Wilhelm Gustloff.

Some find him impossible to read but for me his work is genius, the mature and serious way to do history and its current impact in fiction, ie not alternating slices of past and present, but a deep, complicated mat of now-and-then, truth-and-myth, them-and-us. Kfebsgang a parallel to the Frankfurter-Gustloff plot, heated exchanges in cyberspace lead to another violent act that ties together personal and public history.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I think each and every sentence of the book is there for some reason, although I could not get the reason to some! Some 9, people went down in the Baltic Sea, making it the deadliest maritime disaster of all time.

Crabwalk – Wikipedia

As I have family, in Gdansk where the ill-fated ship departed from, I had heard many stories of the incident and was interested in getting more details on the legendary disaster. Grass deliberately uses the structure of a traditional ‘novella’ to convey the historical events and their impact on his group of Germans.

The ghter cause of her disappointment with Paul is his unwillingness, or inability, to write about it. As Grass threads these narratives together, three not very famous lives stand proxy for the history of 20th-century Europe: One major character is a the narrator’s mother who is on the Willhelm Gustloff krdbsgang it is hit by three torpedos from a Ngter submarine.

Beide leider aktuell und zeitlos. Actually, he says, his generation should have been the one.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The first of the three historical characters is the man who gave his name to the ship. The narrator refers to him as his krebgang or “boss”.