David M. Glantz, Jonathan M. House. The Battle of Kursk. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, xiii + pp. $ (cloth), ISBN. Near the city of Kursk on the Eastern Front, hundreds of Soviet tanks “This, in fact, is the biggest tank battle in World War II,” Glantz said. The Battle of Kursk by Colonel David M. Glantz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Battle of Kursk – David M. Glantz – böcker () | Adlibris Bokhandel

It’s a rather interesting book on something that’s often overlooked in most Textbooks. Glantz and House also coauthored When Titans Clashed: Looking for beautiful books?

All these are worth revisiting just to see ukrsk men and women on both sides, fighting with tenacity for the most odious totalitarian regimes ever foisted on humanity, demonstrated their ability to lift themselves out of truly inhuman conditions to prevail or fail, survive or succumb. Several of the myths that surround the battle, some propagated after the war by self-serving German general, are carefully disposed of.

Although Bakharov’s tank corps had made kurdk progress, it could advance no further until the 29th Tank Corps closed up on its left flank. Apr 25, David Vanness rated it really liked it Shelves: If you love those types of operational histories, dive in, but many readers can focus on the introductory chapters, the conclusion, and skim the rest.

Open Preview See a Problem? In looking at the German planning for their offensive, Col Glantz looks at the delays that occurred and the reasons for them.

Apr 07, Chris Salisbury rated it it was ok. The Battle of Kursk October pages Series: The result being that the German advance was halted, in spite of Soviet casualties exceeding German krsk as much as 4 to 1. Glantz and House’s interpretations demolish many of the myths that suggest Hitler might have triumphed if Operation Citadel had been conducted differently.


They turned it around and it led the Germany kurso miles thru of Soviet armor. The Battle of Kursk Richard W. Over thousand Soviet casualties and German losses were near 50 thousand. The Battle of Kursk is not his best effort, however, it is still very good.

The Battle of Kursk : Colonel David M. Glantz :

Not just an outstanding battle history, but a careful analysis of this key point where the Glanhz Army learned how to stop a blitzkrieg attack, albiet at tremendous cost, and began the series of counterattacks, again at terrible cost, that would only end in Berlin. The Battle of Kursk by David M. The author also points out as time passed senior German commanders became more and more concerned over Soviet defensive preparations in the attack areas. I wish Jason Mark would take this up and drill down to the unit actions similar to his books on the Leaping Horseman.

Description A study of the Battle of Kursk at Prokhorovkaone of the largest tank engagements in world history, which led to staggering kurrsk – imncluding nearlySoviet and 50, German galntz within the jursk ten days of fighting. Glantz and House’s fresh interpretations demolish many of the myths that suggest Hitler might have triumphed if Operation Citadel had been conducted differently.

They saw the same bulge and came to the same conclusions. The symposia included attendance of a number of former German participants in the operations, and resulted in publication of the seminal transcripts of proceedings.

They ran into a Soviet column moving the opposite way. The book goes into the massive deception effort the Soviets conducted in order to lure the Germans into a massive and extremely well defended salient.

There is no denying that this account of Kursk by David Glantz and Jonathan House is extremely well researched. Their access to Soviet archive material adds detail to what is known about this conflict, enabling them to reconstruct events from both perspectives and describe combat down to the tactical level.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Its vivid portrayals of fighting in all critical sectors place the famous tank battle in its proper context.


The war was truly lost. However, as dull a read as it can be at times, it does convey the sheer volume of men and machines that went into this most decisive of glantzz for the Nazis on their Eastern Front and the most glanz of armored battles in the history of the world.

House seek to separate myth from fact to show what really happened at Kursk and how it affected the outcome of World War II.

The Battle of Kursk

Chemical Soldiers Donald Richter. Still, it was the fulcrum point of the entire war. Prokhorovka here is not a well-organized set piece but a confused series of engagements and hasty attacks, with each side committing glaantz forces piecemeal.

Its failure confirmed his worst paranoia of his generals, leading to crises amongst the German leadership as the war progressed into and ultimately the assassination attempt on Hitler’s life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It’s what you think — a detailed operational history of Kursk.

It is gruesome, incredibly depressing, and yet I persevered. Hayward, author of Stopped at Stalingrad See fewer reviews The Russian army of was a different beast from its predecessor something that David Glantz has written extensively about in his Colossus Reborn.

If the Germans could eliminate that bulge, they would shorten their lines significantly and release troops for other duties. This book contains an impressive amount of detail and research. No decent WW2 library would be complete without this book. Check gpantz the top books of the year on our page Best Books of