MAKE’EM PAY Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster GEORGE HAYDUKE Transcribed by ZoneTripper – — CONTENTS — Nelson. Make ‘Em Pay: Ultimate Revenge Techniques for the Master Trickster. George Hayduke. from: $ · Advanced Backstabbing and Mudslinging Techniques. Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks: George Hayduke: Books –

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Georgr Bresina rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Sounds like a grand idea. Himes, a man named Phil Lomax, told him about a pistol-toting blind guy who shot at a man who slapped him, but, accidentally killed an innocent bystander peacefully reading his newspaper.

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But for some months now, Mac has wanted to visit his ancestral home in the Australian outback. It’s the 5 percent, though, who bully the 95 percent. About a week later at work he was bitching about his megabuck cleaning bill and that he had no idea who ‘ d be sick enough to do such a thing. However, the principle is useful anywhere. Let’s say your mark is a heavy gambler and owes money. In addition to searching chapter headings, he suggest you search other specific areas as many of the items lend themselves to more than one treatment.

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If Skull ever sells the movie rights to this thing, we should call it Tarmac the Barbarian. Trying to recall the latter part of the evening, she thought and thought. Melody rated it it was amazing Jan 03, He wrapped a few in the desert section of the lunch his wife packed and put the lunch on his shelf above his desk.


A fun read, but not a great book. According to a pamplet distributed by the International Brotherhood of Barfing Engineers, a good way to do this is “to move erratically and quickly among the other diners as you appear to be headed toward the bathroom. He did it again.

After your herd is safely delivered, you should depart. He has large, newsprint signs printed and fixed with stick-on glue backing. Then, with his drum-stick he started to beat a completely different temp back and forth, like a metronome, on the player’s knees. Then you advertise the party in some biker magazine promoting free beer, food and lots of horny ladies. I did, but I kept my mouth shut.

Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks by George Hayduke

All are pre-addressed to your mark and most have prepaid postage. Ask them to please place “you” on their master list for merchants and advertisers as “you” dearly love the bargain shopping that comes in the mail haydule “you. They became bloated with flatus and other complications. Write all three numbers together, side by side.

How detailed and thorough you are depends upon your plans for the mark. This reprint of a turn-of-the-century manual from the U. Shep from Denver has a dilly way to get even with a car tinkerer who’s done him some dirt.


Showhow, their master figured out what had happened and managed to move away before Bill Overton found a way to feed him, too. You must have every option, contingency, action, reaction and evaluation planned in advance.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

George Hayduke

Look at some other headings, too, and you’ll get more ideas to escalate your deserving revenge. Remove all of the wall-light switch plates. All that the guards or the video cameras note is “someone” in your costume. He says to slice off the top of the candy egg, leaving it still haydule in the foil.

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He told me it was more a heorge system than a sprinkler. Then, padlock or spot-weld the box shut. I can think of all sorts of fun, secondary things you could add to this stunt to make it really twilight-zone time. The Baffling Radiologist suggests that you post all of your “friend’s” bad debts and credit risks on public location bulletin boards, especially at neighborhood groceries, supermarkets and malls.