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EL. COM Its Time only for SUNSHINE & RAINS without any Pains. SEMINAR REPORT ON FUEL ENERGIZER Index. S. No.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. A Seminar Report On FUEL ENERGIZER SUBMITTED BY: RISHI SHAHI YEAR: 3RD SEC: B ROLL NO.: TO: Mr. SANDEEP CHHABRA. Explore Fuel Energizer with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on.

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Generally, fuel for an internal combustion engine is composed of a set of molecules. Therefore, creating such proper combustion conditions is energzier.

Fuel mainly consists of hydrocarbon and when fuel flows through a magnetic field, such as the one created by the fuel energizer, the hydrocarbon change their orientation and molecules of hydrocarbon change their configuration. Neodymium super conductor — NSCM is installed on cars, trucks immediately before carburetor or injector on fuel line.

Since it takes less time to oxidize hydrogen atoms in a high-speed internal combustion process, in normal conditions some of the carbon will be only partially oxidized, this is responsible for the incomplete combustion. Without the adjustment, the Magnetizer can cause the effect reverse from the required.

Fuel Energizer | RISHI SHAHI –

Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. When fuel flow through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer Fuel Energizer, The hydrocarbons change their orientation and molecules in them change their configuration. The rest is discharged as polluting emissions HC, CO, NO or is deposited on the internal eneryizer walls as black x carbon residue. Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen react in the atmosphere and create smog.

Cold converter does not work, so the exhaust fumes right after start-up are equally toxic as without it. Molecules get realigned, and actively into locked with oxygen during combustion to produce a near complete burning of fuel in combustion chamber. But even then, fumes that leave the “afterburners” are not ideally clean – engine still burns only part of the fuel or precisely the incompletely oxidized carbon atoms in the form of CO. While older engines may have produced relatively large quantities of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, they produced low quantities of oxides of nitrogen.


However, during the Stabilization Period the periodic oil change is recommended. I am highly indebted to Mr. Remember me on this computer. It can be either diamagnetic or paramagnetic weaker or stronger response to the magnetic flux depending on the relative orientation of its nucleus spins.

Even though it is the simplest of all elements, it occurs in two distinct isomeric varieties forms – para and ortho. Fuel energizer consist of hydrocarbon and when fuel flow through a magnetic field.

To secure conversion of para to ortho state, it is necessary to change the energy of interaction between the spin state of the Hydrogen molecule. It is a fully permanent device. Most catalytic converters require air pumps to initiate catalysis.

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To secure conversion of para to ortho state, it is necessary to change the energy of interaction between the spin state of the H2 molecule. Generally fuels for internal combustion engine is compound of molecules. Its molecule is composed of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, and is electrically neutral.

The ionization of the fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor jets, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, thereby keeping the engine in a cleaner condition. In Octane C8H18 the carbon content of the molecule is Welcome you in the World of Fuel Energizer er. Use of the unleaded gas does eliminate the problem of the most toxic lead compounds, but there is an increase in the air of other carcinogenic substances; the exhaust problem comes around.


Magnetizer fuel energizer e.

As explicitly stated in our instructions, upon the Magnetizer installation minutes thereafter engine will undergo the so-called ” Stabilization Period”, i. The ionization fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor, jets, fuel injector and combustion chamber, there by keeping the engines clear condition. Its molecule is composed of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, and is electrically neutral. The initial saturation lasts about a week even though in the past we received positive reports already after days upon installationwhile the complete engine cleaning from the carbon residue lasts about 30 to 70 days old engines.

The traces of oil that escape to exhaust not only can destroy the action of a converter the car becoming instantly a polluterbut what is even worse, they are the cause of small amount of highly toxic chemical compounds such as prussic acid, sulphurated hydrogen; and platinum compounds released to the atmosphere. On the other hand, the hydrogen, which comprises only This has the effect of ensuring that fuel actively interlocks with oxygen producing a more complete burn in the combustion chamber.

The Magnetizer is totally friendly to the environment. We should keep in mind: Skip to main content. Smog is prime cause of eye and throat irritation, noxious smell, plat damage and decreased visibility.

The Magnetizer works well and with excellent results on all types of fuel – unleaded, as well as leaded gasoline, diesel, or liquid petroleum gas LPG.