FRENIC-Lift. FRENICG11S/P11S. FRENICVG7S. User’s Manuals and Technical Information. FRENIC-Multi User’s Manual. FRENIC-Eco User’s. FRENIC-Lift is an inverter designed to drive a three-phase induction motor ( hereafter For details about this product, refer to the FRENIC-Lift User’s Manual that. The FRENIC-Lift Series of exclusive AC Drives for operation of elevators are FRENIC-Lift AC Drives are available in a series with capacities ranging from

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Please do not use it with other products.

In the following description, the inverter has already been installed. Precautions for use Driving a V When driving a V general-purpose motor with an inverter using ex- general-purpose tremely long wires, damage to the insulation of the motor may occur.

You need to replace the option card. Also remove the case fixing screws from the top. Wiring For Control Circuit Terminals 2.

Recommended Wire Sizes 2. These are provided for the DC link bus powered system.

If any of the problems listed below occur, take an appropriate measure against them. This chapter lists specifications including output ratings, control system, external dimensions and protective functions.

For your system design values, ask system designers about them.


Page 24 – Terminal arrangement and screw majual Remove the screw fastening the cable guide plate, and pull out the plate. When the inverter is used to run a general-purpose motor, the temperature Torque characte- of the motor becomes higher than when it is operated using a commercial ristics and tem Setting Up Slide Switches 2.

Follow the procedure below for wiring and configuration of the inverter. Page 14 2 Warning plates Figure 1.

Page 37 Table 2. Inverter type Refer to Chapter 1, Section 1. When the dielectric strength test is necessary, contact your Fuji Electric representative.

Page 40 Table 2. Page 9 Select an inverter according to the applicable motor ratings listed in the standard specifications table for the inverter. To improve cooling efficiently, you can take the heat sink out of the equipment or the enclosure as shown on the right manuao that cooling is done both internally and externally this is called “external cooling”. Refer to Chapter 5, Section 5.


The inverter connector RJ supplies the power to the keypad through the extension cable for keypad. An undervoltage or an alarm has been rfenic. Therefore, if a control signal cable or wire comes into direct contact with a live conductor of the main circuit, the insulation of the sheath or the cover might break down, which would expose the signal wire to a high voltage of the main circuit. Otherwise, the inverter may be broken if you turn the power ON.


Fuji Electric FRENIC-Lift series Instruction Manual

Read through this instruction manual and be familiar with the handling procedure for correct use. Init ialize all function code data to t he factory defaults H04 Auto-resetting 0: Trip with alarm after running for t he period specified by timer y03 2: Use them in accordance with your system requirements.

List Of Freni Replacement Parts Each part of the product has its own service life that will vary according to the environmental and lify conditions. Contact your Fuji Electric representative. Page 30 Grounding terminals G Be sure to ground either of the two grounding terminals for safety and noise reduction. Page 21 Mounting the covers Put the kift cover to the inverter case so that its bottom engages with the hinges provided on both sides of the case.

Page 34 Table 2.