Forkner Shorthand is a mixture of regular cursive writing, special symbols, and guidelines for abbreviating words. Most students can triple their. the Shorthand Forum on Reddit is a home for pen and machine shorthand of all kinds. Forkner alphabet shorthand / by Hamden L. Forkner. Main Author: Forkner, Hamden L., Language(s): English. Published: New York: Forkner Pub. Co.

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Forkner makes use of several standard shorthand features to gain additional speed: It uses only alphabetic characters — no symbols at all.

I know Forkner thoroughly except for those pesky rarely-used -fixesbut never worked at the speed. It has taken over the secretary’s suorthand. How does it look? The more commonly known abbreviations, like those for the days of the week, are also used in Forkner. I’ve been looking for books, but everything in abebooks or amazon seems to come from England, with a hefty shipping charge. While there’s nothing wrong with Forkner, it’s a dead system, while Teeline is alive and dorkner in the Commonwealth.

If you don’t need great speed, Forkner is easy enough to learn. I can’t look at a Gregg outline and quickly know what it is without slowing down to read every curve. Just like you’re reading these longhand words. Pitman is still used widely in the Middle East surprisingly.

Forkner shorthand – Wikipedia

Naples Daily News paywalled archive. At the end of the year, she was writing accurately at wpm. Keep Exploring Britannica Light. Except “the”, which is common enough you remember it. My biggest complaint about teeline is the difficulty getting materials for it, at least here in Canada.


If speed isn’t imporant and learning quickly is, then an alphabet system is for you. Capital letters are used for special purposes; a detached T stands for the prefix trans- and the upper-case S represents s followed by t. It seem to remember at that point that the Gregg writers were slightly faster than the Forkner folks. Gregg, I find it takes a few tries to get the loop shaped efficiently for the strokes around it, and how long to draw before curving to get the loops size and line length I want.

Most common vowels are left out, but can be added in later, like Pitman. Fewer and fewer schools in North America offered shorthand classes. A bit confusing at times when writing, but easy enough to remember while reading.

I had a classmate who was in the Forkner class. As an aside, it’s my understanding that Pitman New Era is the form of choice for court reporting in India. There are fewer than 80 principles, of which only about 50 are absolutely required; the rest are prefixes and suffixes which can be spelled out.

I appreciate everyone’s comments very much. Teeline has become more popular, however, because of its relative ease of learning.

I missed hitting the wpm by one test before the end of the year. Fine motor skill requirements. I just don’t know if Forkner or any other alpha system is up to the task. As pretty as Gregg is to look at and it is prettybut from a practical point of view I can’t glance at or scan my Shprthand notes and quickly determine what I’ve shorrthand.


Education, discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like….

Views Read Edit View history. I have a few Forkner textbooks. My text says there are companion cassettes for pwm for the second term after the theory has been learned. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Having learned Forkner first, I have to admit that it does use many of the same principles as Gregg, though it is a slower system. Then he starts to decode words by sounding out each letter in the word and stringing the associated sounds together.

Forkner Shorthand

I agree with you—it’s refreshing to see that shorthand in some form has survived extinction. The shorter brief forms one or two letters that follow each other in a sentence are joined together as though they were one word; this is known as phrasing. There are definitely trade-offs between legibility and speed, ease-of-learning and speed, etc.

Forkner Alphabet shorthand was first published in in the United States.