FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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FogBugz Plugin API Documentation

The next step is to configure all the necessary connection settings in the Configuration field. If q is not present, returns the cases in your current filter. This makes a link to the new, initially-blank article right in the current document. On this page Table of Contents Tools: The private tag can almost fkgbugz be ignored by non-Fog Creek api clients.

It includes rich formatting features, a built-in spell checker, and user-customizable style sheets. If this returns an HTTP error file missing you can safely assume that either FogBugz is not installed at that location, or else it is installed, but it is a version of FogBugz that does not include the API. To create a table, choose Insert Table… and set the options. Note that you must be an administrator to see time interval information for users other than the logged on user.

Manuscript Kiln Blog About Contact. If any fields are omitted, they will not be changed. Configuring the integration usually only dockmentation a few minutes and this guide explains how to configure the integration and how it works.

Using the FogBugz Wiki – FogBugz Knowledge Base

Please note that this cannot be undone. This has the effect of undoing their change in two clicks. Generating tokens in the UI is the recommended approach. View the complete set of EBS milestone work simulations for all users required to complete this milestone and all of its dependencies.


FogBugz is a complete project management system optimized for software teams. FogBugz search includes wiki articles. If this is left off or set to 0, then the API assumes you are looking for all areas that you have permission to read. For example, if you have a team of technical writers and they want to be able to see all the bugs in the documentation, create an area called Documentation. You can even automatically generate release notes for cases included in one or more project milestones.

If this is absent, only File1 will upload. If this is left off or set to 0, then the API documentatipn you are looking for all areas that you have permission to read.

Projects and Areas – FogBugz Knowledge Base

The file looks like this:. In FogBugz every case is always assigned to one person, which helps cases from falling through the cracks!

Each wiki can have its own set of granular permissions. When a customer asks a common question, you can reply with a canned snippet instantly. Each area is a part of the larger project, but is more-or-less separate from the other areas in doucmentation project.

Think of it this way: If the user does not have Modify on any projects, the return will be Error Code We’ve recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. For example, if your software crashes, documentaion can upload details of the crash to FogBugz.


The list of filters is already in the same order that users are used to seeing it in the FogBugz user interface and should be preserved. Please see this article for details on what’s new, what’s changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

If omitted, will mark case as being viewed up to the latest bugevent. Database may be down or needs to be upgraded. Customizing the FogBugz legacy name defect plugin. Future edits with hrsCurrEst will change the current estimate, and the original estimate will remain the same. Like viewUserTimelineReport, but only including the simulation of the final milestone to be completed by each user.

You don’t have to use all listed integration options and you can mix and match the integration with other tools. Or if your FogBugz On Demand account is https: View the distribution of overall completion dates for this milestone at this Priority.

The reference URLs are used to link test cases to cases stored in Manuscript via the References field.