HO FLEISCHMANN TURNTABLE – BASE | Toys & Hobbies, Model Railroads & Trains, HO Scale | eBay!. Find great deals for Fleischmann El. Turntable With 7 Gleisanschl├╝ssen H0. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I’m trying to find out about Fleischmann turntables, how many tracks can exit the turntable? Looking for a turntable for my fiddle yard to.

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If I had to redo my job, then I would have liked to make my pit somwhat deeper. Just glue and screw the TT to the plywood disc TT still in one piece. Members who are registered and logged in do not see this message repeatedly. And what a lousy uninformative homepage! Fleischmann HO Electric Turntable. And an update, now with the control electronics: Start Free Trial Sign In.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Excellent work,keep posted soon! I made a pic of their own turntable, but they also sell a kit special for the transformation of the Marklin TT number HO The filling of the gap is an excellent idea! Absolutely no secret at all. Below I have installed braces to compensate for the large weakening of transversal strength. I did not dare to go this way, afraid of loosing the centre point.

Hope it will be hard and sticky enough to withstand the forces when milling out the middle rail. Unfortunately, while keeping the central rail.


I did not ask them, since they came “too late” for me: So, I do not catch completely where you want to go to with the pukos. I have had this for several years and it was used when I acquired it. Propably the Marklin is indeed using those metal plates, I darkend mine with some blackening material.

I’m building the center rail using c-track pukos strips.

Converting Fleischmann turntable

Then cut the pit! I’m going to profit from steamfriend’s experience so greatly detailed in this forum and follow the same basic ideas and design concepts, but will start with a diferent first step in the fleiwchmann work, i.

Tell us the secret! I wrecked two track pieces. Their home page does not tell a lot.

I think you separated yourself 66552 an easy way to get your middle rail It was a bit of a scare, running the bridge in the miller table, since I was working with a 0. As it happens, I’m just unpacking after moving house, and have before me a box with Fleischmann Profi, Hornby and Peco code 75 track.

Fleischmann 6652 El. Turntable With 7 Gleisanschl├╝ssen H0

Two of the lead-ins will be removed for transit but are in the box and just press in. I had to restrict myself in my case, to leave enough flesh not to weaken the entire structure. So there you are, mfx TT control with a CS!


Sign In Need an account? Edited by bubbles2, 28 May – With your approach this should work, so my 66652 would be to fill it entirely until flat on the underside.

More of our company cookie policy can be found here – https: In these two pics, I’m showing the c-track pukos from the 2 x curve segment, installed in a groove I opened in the bridge, then the pukos were soldered to the modified central screw lug, and glued with epoxy actually the channel flooded with epoxy for extra strength. You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

I’ll send them an email. So, after a bit of programming and a lot of soldering: I think I will pimp my own turn table and transfer table too some day. I like the grass. This has been a handful.

The white and black are the power to the table, the others are for track power. Anyhow, I’m curious to see how you will solve this You cannot create polls in this forum. The Profi track rails are fleischmahn slightly taller than the Hornby code rail, but not by enough to cause any problems running a Bachmann wagon over the joint, beyond a slight “clickety-click” sound.

Very interesting conversion job, Luis!