For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega”. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has three Ultimanias to its name, those of Battle, Scenario and Omega. Omega has a picture of Lightning on the cover. Its ISBN is. Following our report from the other day hinting at a possible sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, the rest of the interview contained within the game’s.

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We’ll remove harassing comments, and ban repeat offenders. AutoModerator redirects common questions to the Weekly Question Thread. The goal was to stop Alyssa from killing Hope. FinalFantasy submitted 4 years ago by caelumsixsmith.

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Final Fantasy 13 is supposed to be played through multiple times. Is Caius really dead? Which version should I play?

FF Ultimania Omega – Chrysalis

Don’t have an account? Yeul’s constant rebirths have nothing to do with her lifespan getting shorter. Log In Sign Up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The story of the gods 2. In it, the Bashosen is not a sword, but a giant fan-like weapon used by the Demon King Ginkaku, and its name translates as “Banana Palm Fan”.


Although the guide mentions Gilgamesh having found the weapons apart from Bashosen from different Final Fantasy worlds, it is also said his swords are fakes, like the weapons Gilgamesh used in Final Fantasy XII. The developer interviews in the Omega are very interesting, but even then so many of the answers are typical Japanese vague-speak, or is stuff we now know from English interviews; which can be dug up by looking through Google or popular game sites IGN, Gamespot, etc archives for XIII.


The theme of the game is to push forward and keep hope alive, even if the future is uncertain and dangerous. That should have tied both games together but this idea was scrapped later. Anyway finwl version of Alyssa would have been too much alike with Jihl Nabaat so they decided to change her character.

We allow self-promotion at a During later stages one must be prudent in regards to healing in-between his use of Divider. Also some important and interesting questions concerning to the story have been answered. Ultimwnia has high Strength and Magic and he can gain a massive amount of HP. Remove this notice upon completion. But I won’t be able to translate all of it. Because Gilgamesh can be recruited as an ally more care was put into designing his backside, as this would be the angle the player would see when using him in battle.

Omefa font for reading would be nice.

The art staff commentors – People chapter – Eidolon chapter – Enemy chapter – Location chapter – Storyboard chapter – After repeating the above method, the party can fully go out while Gilgamesh is staggered next.


Keep me logged in on this device. All of his stats can be even further raised through infusions.

How to beat the Coliseum Monsters. Why would they do that when there is still so much to explain. They had a few fun ideas for her, but nothing was revealed. The player needs to play aggressively as Noel.

Notify me of new posts via email. Most of it is fairly redundant though, even in the Omega books; containing information or snippets the game already tells you. As the player cannot perform any actions during Gilgamesh’s cinematic attack, the player should shift to Tortoise as soon as Gilgamesh omegq walking into position for the attack.


Here we have an extremely vital matter to discuss about this game and yet all of the attention goes to poll topics and lame-ass high school sexual jokes. The theme of the finsl was keep the hope alive, even if the future is dark, uncertain and dangerous.

This section end with in-depth story element analysis and unsolved mysteries 1.