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Palinuro de México has ratings and 50 reviews. Megha said: and I vowed that the book which I would write someday would be as sickly, fragile and. Palinuro of Mexico. Latin American Literature Series. Fernando del Paso. Translated by Elisabeth Plaister. Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela. ILAN STAVANS: Since in ‘Palinuro of Mexico’ you function not only as the FERNANDO DEL PASO: The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style.

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Its attempt to create a macrocosm was enchanting, they claimed, but it also backfired. Both countries, Cuba and Mexico, inherited from fernzndo Iberian peninsula a highly convoluted, hybrid worldview, part Christian, part Muslim, part Jewish, and they added even more ingredients to the soup—in the case of Cuba a mulatto and Creole dimension, and in the case of Mexico a mestizo one.

It depends on the chapter. But if the unabashedly brazen PoMo mimicry detracts, at times, in this plotless wander wonderland, then the sheer schism of concepts provides the gravitational pull.

Spanish is my mother tongue—my only language. Palinuro of Mexico – UK. Unfortunately for the helmsman, the gods demand a sacrifice if the ship is to safely reach the farther shore; the god of sleep overwhelms Palinurus, and he slips from the deck into the sea. Each mirror sends you down a rabbit hole, carrying you on an enticing journey full of wonder and splendor.

He gets a literary laundering of his body, which, “when all is said and done. Open Preview See a Problem? Is there any doctor that, as a writer, marked your passion mecico medicine?


A beautiful torrent of language, like Joyce on E, a young man in Mexico in love with his cousin. In writing a novel about the education–medical, literary and experiential–of the eponymous Mexico City wag he dubs Palinuro, Del Paso has deployed vast amounts of often-fascinating material about disease and health, literature, Mexican history and contemporary Western culture in the Americas and abroad.

Oct 02, Nathan “N.

Palinure de Mexico – France. I began to understand that it is nothing but a science of failure. Recently, the book appeared in Holland as well, where in a few months it has sold 6, copies—a best seller for such a small country.

re Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Bystill in Mexico, I had already begun writing the novel under another title. Probably one of the best treasures Dalkey has published over the years – I am serious, folx!

Just as Joyce’s title signals that his model for the novel is a grand and all-encompassing quest story, the title of Del Paso’s book also hints at a mythological precedent. Books by Fernando del Paso. Makes you laugh out loud it’s so beautiful, reminds fernabdo what it’s like to be young. I told her it was either Renaissance or 18th Century literature and had nil to do with Boom.

I felt it was very theatrical and thus decided to turn it into a dramatic piece. To view it, click here. They discuss their cocks.

Surrealista pero muy cuerdo. The meaningless death of Palinuro, in the struggle for a dream that was not to be, and deprecated by those around him, is a very gory and therefore appropiate image for the death of youth dreams.


Palinuro de México by Fernando del Paso

I wasn’t feeling confident in my knowledge to grasp them. By the way, I began my career writing sonnets, but later switched to fictional prose. I worked with all of them by mail. My attempt to establish a bridge between these two fields, literature and medical science, is self-made.


Flaubert read the entire encyclopedia and regurgitated it in Bouvard and Pecochet? It is, as the quote from La Croix on the back of my edition says a “loose and baggy monster” and, if you are the kind of reader who reads that as a positive description of a novel, then this is most definitely for you.

This has created confusion among readers: Unfortunately, the trick of del Paso’s narrative style quickly devolves into little more than paalinuro uninteresting lists of things, litanies of things, and even less plot than the first, good bits. V Creo que tengo un problema semejante al que tuve ferhando Rayuela. Have you betrayed your adolescent edl It is self referential, carnivalesques, parodic, and satirical, and, at the same time, it offers a variety of levels of meaning and interpretation.