Familia: Theraphosidae Subfamilia: Theraphosinae Genus: Brachypelma Species: B. smithi. Name[edit]. Brachypelma smithi (F. O. P.-Cambridge, ). Familia: Theraphosidae Genera crustaceorum et insectorum secundum ordinem naturalem in familias disposita, iconibus exemplisque. Familia: Theraphosidae On the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria (Araneae: Theraphosidae) Zoologia (Curitiba) 31(1):

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A few years later, the same author C. Males of Avicularia caei sp.

This secondary projection may have prolateral accessory keels and is diagnosed by possessing a tueraphosidae of inwardly curled megaspines, located in the basal ventro-retrolateral region of metatarsi I in adult males. Anterior row of eyes procurve, posterior slightly recurve.

An additional difficulty of this work is the existence of relatively few specimens housed in scientific collections and available for taxonomic research. The case of the hairy eyeball. Clypeus narrow or absent.

Males differ from those of Ybyrapora gamba sp. Stridulatory bristles form maxillae lyra: However, recent molecular analyses indicate Barychelidae as the sister-group of Theraphosidae Bond et al.

Even after Lamarck erected Aviculariamany arachnologists continued to use the name Mygale when describing new Avicularia species. Avicularia purpurea Kirk,spermathecae variation.

A problem lies with the identity of Mygale famikia Walckenaer, Ausserer described two new species, Avicularia rutilans Ausserer, from Colombia and Avicularia metallica Ausserer, from Suriname; Thorell described Avicularia holmbergi Thorell, from French Guiana; Simon described Avicularia velutina Simon, from Venezuela and few years afterwards, Avicularia glauca Simon, from Panama Simon Figsor narrowing abruptly Ybyrapora sooretama comb. They can be distinguished from all species except Avicularia lynnae sp.


Brachypelma smithi – Wikispecies

A small population of Avicularia taunayi was found at Distrito Federal, in a mountain area that had savannah areas mixed with anthropized areas with houses and farms Bertani and Motta Figs, —, Presence of long guard-setae grouped on lateral and dorsal anterior areas of the abdomen is a tgeraphosidae found only in females of Avicularia aviculariaAvicularia rufaAvicularia juruensis and Avicularia variegata stat.

Silken retreats of Avicularia juruensis are similar to other Avicularia species Fig. West in August 94, V. Koch,Ybyrapora gen. Despite these two morphotypes being very distinct, F.

Tibia I with discrete elevation covered by cluster of setae in apical portion, on prolateral side Figs — Cymbium subtriangular with subequal lobes, with a well-developed rounded process on retrolateral lobe, bearing thick setae Fig.

Absolute and relative Bremer supports Bremer were estimated in Piwe using the following command: Valerio reports presence of Avicularia species in Costa Rica see note on Avicularia avicularia redescription and on Avicularia glauca taxonomy. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 4: Dorsal abdominal patterns teraphosidae Ybyrapora gen n. In some Aviculariinae taxa such as Avicularia minatrixAvicularia taunayiAvicularia rufaAvicularia juruensisAvicularia aviculariaAvicularia variegata stat.

Specimens of Avicularia avicularia show different patterns of coloration which seems thraphosidae be correlated with their geographical distribution. Tibial apophysis Figs 63— The spider was illustrated with low cephalic region and could be found in Baya de todos los Sanctos [ sic ] Clusius PloS one 9 2: The juvenile female AMNH Ve21, also from Venezuela, has short body setae with golden sheen and very discrete white tipped setae in legs and palps as well as whitish rings.


He considered Avicularia close to the genera Pachistopelma Pocock, and Iridopelma Pocock, based on the presence of urticating setae type II on the abdomen. Thetaphosidae, as we had only access to three specimens it is not possible to make more considerations about it.

Pachistopelma rufonigrum – Familia Theraphosidae Aranha-das-bromelias

Avicularia purpurea Kirk,habitus and retreat. Thus, the identity of the species transferred to Avicularia was not checked one by one and the taxonomic confusion was merely transferred and added from Eurypelma to Theraphosidaw.

Casos de enmiendas injustificadas de nombres cientificos dedicados a las personas en las tarantulas Mygalomorphae: The genus Avicularia Lamarck, was erected for some species formerly included in Mygale Latreille, In order to establish more accurate limits in Avicularia aviculariafaimlia is necessary to employ multiple approaches, considering molecular, ecological, behavioral and geographic data.

Fovea shallow and straight.