SOPHOCLES THE THREE THEBAN PLAYS ANTIGONE • OEDIPUS THE KING OEDIPUS AT COLONUS TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FAGLES. Plot summaries and analysis of Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex. the translation by Robert Fagles The Three Theban Plays: Antigone; Oedipus the King; Oedipus . Robert Fagles. Introduction and notes by Bernard Knox. New York: Viking Press, PP. $ Oedipus the King. Trans. Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay.

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No more, sweep it from your mind forever. If you are the man he says you are, believe me, you were bom for pain.

Your savior too, my son, in your worst hour. I set you free. I would suggest his words were spoken in anger, Oedipus. I will, I will. Time is the great healer, you will see.

The Three Theban Plays by Sophocles | : Books

At least revere the Sun, the holy fire that keeps us all alive. I fight for the god and for the murdered man. And you got your name from that misfortune too. I will tell you. You took me from someone else? No, no, exactly as you say. I thought I heard you say that Laius was cut down at a place where three roads meet.

Drive him out, each of you, from every home. Promise me, noble Creon, touch my hand! Oh, but if there is any blood-tie between Laius and this stranger.


Bringing the messenger closer. And as for this marriage with your mother — have no fear. You pray to the gods? O Tiresias, master of all the mysteries of our life, all you teach and all you dare not tell, signs in the heavens, signs that walk the earth!

Say it again — I’ll understand it better. The best solution to the oracle, the riddle posed by god — we should look for that.

Anyone disregarding the author s rights renders himself liable to prosecution. Why scan the birds 10 55 that scream above our heads? Get him into the halls — quickly oedipu you can. Why remind me of that, that old affliction?

Not a word, you and your birds, your gods — nothing. That was the story. How terrible — to see the truth when the truth is only pain to him who sees! Let me tell you this. What can I ever see? A light tip of the scales can put old bones to rest.

My lord, you fill our hearts with fear. A vagabond, scraping for wages messenger: The heralds no sooner reported Laius dead than you appeared and they hailed you king of Thebes.

Emerging from the palace. Your father killed his father, sowed kedipus mother, one, one and the selfsame womb sprang you — he cropped the very roots of his existence.


And you, did you.

The Three Theban Plays

Fales this is the man you’d try to overthrow? Apollo, friends, Apollo — he ordained my agonies — these, my pains on pains! Sent me my darling girls, my own flesh and blood!

Then — the child came from the house. Did you rise to the crisis? Get out— faster, back where you came from — vanish! Here, come quickly — Children, where are you? He is the plague, the heart of our corruption, as Apollo’s oracle has just revealed to me. Why call me from the palace?

Full text of “Oedipus Rex”

Her own child, how could she? But Laius, so the report goes at least, was killed by strangers, thieves, at a place where three roads meet. You, my lord, are the one shield, the one savior we can find. Wait, better — permit me, would you? Neither was he, no more your father than I am.