This book by Eli Clare, explores the landscape of disability, class, queerness, and child abuse, telling stories that echo with the sounds of an Oregon logging and. Third Edition of. Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation. A finalist for a ForeWord’s Book of the Year Award. Exile and Pride Cover. Get this from a library! Exile & pride: disability, queerness & liberation. [Eli Clare].

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Part II is excellent. I need to learn specifically and broadly how to be in solidarity with those struggling for self-determination.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation by Eli Clare

They send their goons-those working-class and poor people they employ as their official queerneds push us over the edge. Our Comment Policy Critiques of Elevate Difference and the content of any review on this site are welcome; however, we will not tolerate flaming, attacks, or any form of abuse.

The “pride” chapters are full cisability unanswered questions, and the reader can tell Clare is just now teasing out answers for himself. Or we decide to climb back down to the people we love where the food, the clothes, the dirt, the sidewalk, the steaming asphalt under our feet, our crutches all feel right.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation

Enraging stories about queernews false images, devastating lies, untold violence. The climbing turns out to be unimaginably difficult. Our wheelchairs get stuck. Oct 22, Rob rated it really liked it Shelves: A Challenge to Single-Issue Politics: It was unexpected that Clare would discuss in such depth his emotional attachment to the spaces he occupied; specifically, the way in which he incorporated an analysis of space and social ecology.

I can imagine this book might be mind-blowing for readers who had never heard any of these concepts discussed before, and for those readers with similar experiences and never before queeerness anyone else who understood them. But the new ground that he breaks, the new theoretical places to which he takes his readers, begins in the second part of the book, pride.


The disabled community is of course no different. I appreciated quesrness questions weaves throughout the prose, but I also appreciated how Clare herself did not back down from answering them.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation

It was also nice to see a writer from Ann Arbor. Yet, I this supposes a challenge to be in solidarity as an ally to those struggling for self-determination. As someone who has limited exposure to works by the LGBTIQ community, and none at all from the disability community, Clare’s book has been a treasure by opening my eyes to a whole new world. We speak the wrong languages with the wrong accents, wear the wrong clothes, carry our bodies the wrong ways, ask the wrong questions, love the wrong people.

That makes this book hard to read on one’s own, and I wish I had a class of brilliant fellow students to highlight the insights I’m missing.

Exile and Pride | Duke University Press

He also introduces his audience to a time and place that few who do not read Exile and Pride will ever ponder. Preview — Exile and Pride by Eli Clare. Maybe we get to the summit but p. I wasn’t anticipating the deep reflection on esile and the author’s childhood in rural Oregon, but I found this part especially unique and insightful.

I’d be very interested to see what the newest update of the text adds I read the editionand what further comments the author might make on these topics in the era of Trump. Nor are there enough of them. Exile and Pride reads like two books in one. As feminists our role is to remember and expose these realities. Jun 24, Rob Barry liberationn it it was amazing. I found some things though they were minor, petty things in all honesty hard to latch onto on a personal level but what this book says is so important.


As an individual with disabled family members, I read Exile and Pride in a quest typical disabllity those in the mainstream that Clare expresses frustration over. I enjoyed the book and the discussions had on it very much.

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Apr 06, Colin rated it it was liberarion Recommends it for: He writes about his love of his working class home that doesn’t accept him as is. This book has a lot of very valuable things to say about disability and queerness, but this was one of the things that stood out the most for me.

It’s rare that I’ve found books on class that take an intersectional approach, grounding class status within experiences of race, gender, location. He can be found on the web at www.

I did not expect such a long history of logging or freak shows, but she needed that to connect sueerness with her entire lived experience. Exile and Pride reminded me of Where We Stand by bell hookswhere hooks describes her experiences growing up poor and Black in the south, learning to navigate a college full of rich people and an education that planted her firmly in the middle class. Critiques of Elevate Difference and the content of any review on this site are welcome; however, we will not tolerate flaming, attacks, or any form of abuse.