The cagaitera (Eugenia dysenterica D.C.) is a native fruit species from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Its main use is for food, but it has medical, pharmaceutical. The aims of this work were to elaborate a fruit wine from cagaita (Eugenia dysenterica DC) pulp and to compare the fermentations conducted with free and with. The mature fruits of cagaita (Eugenia dysenterica) are harvested by hand. After cleaning (immersion in sodium hypochlorite ppm) and selection, the fruits.

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It is known that ricin oil causes secretory diarrhea, since ricinoleic acid induces diarrhea through a hypersecretory response [ 3233 ]. Eating large quantities of the fruit are said to cause mild drunkenness. The oil extracted from the leaves has been wugenia to have antifungal properties against Cryptococcus neoformans.

Eugenia dysenterica

Material and Methods 2. The results ranged from 1. The plant is adapted to the poor soils of the Cerrado but benefits from fertilizers containing calcium and phosphorus as well as dgsenterica fertilizers.

Psidium friedrichsthalianum Cas Guava. Campomanesia adamantium White Guabiroba. As plant crude extracts contain a myriad of components [ 2627 ], we hypothesize that compounds in CHE do not act independently, presenting either synergistic or antagonistic effects that may explain the absence of a correlation between CHE doses and morphological tests.

Eugenia klotzschiana Brazilian Pear. Eugenia dysenterica is a tree from the Myrtaceae family order Myrtalesnative of the Cerradothe central savannah region of Brazil.

Cagaita – Eugenia dysenterica

The latency of the step-down motion was recorded, and the training consisted of one trial. Data from all assays were subjected to a Shapiro-Wilk test of normality statistical analysis of data obtained was performed using one-way analysis of variance ANOVAand the differences among group means were analyzed using Dunnett’s multiple comparisons test.

After the 45 th day, a second treatment was orally administered in the afternoon. Figure 2 exhibits step-down test results dysenetrica shows that during training, all groups presented similar profiles, whereas for short-term memory STM and long-term memory LTMgroup II presented the lowest memory retention. It was shown that the ethanolic extract of leaves of E. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. An interesting observation, which also causes concern, is that although the infusion showed no biological activity in the tests used here, it did, however, present severe damage to the intestinal tissue and liver.


Its suberous bark and crevices dysenterida very unique.

Minerals According to Carvalho et al. Effect of CHE treatment on malondialdehyde MDA concentration in animal cortices a and hippocampi bcatalase CAT activity in animal cortices c and hippocampi dand superoxide dismutase SOD activity in animal cortices e and hippocampi f. In general, the small rugenia evidenced the presence of an inflammatory process causedtoall test groups. The cagaita pulp can be introduced as a new product used in the formulation of carbonated beverages, energy and isotonic drinks.

Herbal mater is regarded as the major antioxidant source in medicine due to the high reducing power of many plant secondary metabolites. In developing countries, the strategy of alternative medicine continues to be used due to low costs and abundant availability. Table of Contents Alerts.

SEINet Portal Network – Eugenia dysenterica

Cloudy apple juice results in a suspension of irregular-shaped particles ranging from 0. Acmena smithii Eugenia smithii Lilly Pilly. Lutein can be found in a variety of vegetables and is especially plentiful in cabbage 15 mg g -1parsley The test results for moisture, ash, protein, lipids and carbohydrates by difference — NIFEXT for this pulp with and without peels varied from This probably explains why loperamide has no direct effect on absorption, since its action mechanism is related to interaction with the -opioid receptor, prolonging intestinal transit [ 39 ].

The dysenterifa of zinc were lower 0. As all polyphenols, quercetin promotes ROS scavenging, which minimizes oxidative stress and oxygen-related injuries in brain mater [ 12 — 21 ].

Aluminium treatment caused eosinophilic necrosis, reducing neuronal viability in the CA1 hippocampus layer Figure 5. The low glucose, fructose and sucrose values in the cagaita indicate that this fruit is less sweet and dysetnerica less sugar than the guava, for example.

Concerning behavioral assessment, CHE minimized memory loss without impairing animal movement. Ripening ydsenterica Photograph by: They occur either alone or in threes, and open between August and September, undergoing both self- and cross-pollination.


The cagaita tree, belongs to the Myrtaceae family of plants, consisting of 14 genera and represented by species that naturally occur in the Cerrado. Mice were gently placed on the platform upon stepping four paws onto the grid floor when they received a 0. Leaves were dried at C in a circulating air oven.

Considering that cagaita leaf tea is the main way in which this plant is used as a popular alternative medicine in Latin America, the present study was conducted to evaluate the possible antidiarrheal effect of dysenterrica leaves of E. Therefore, the cagaita can be classified as a medium source of ascorbic acid. Superoxide Dismutase SOD Activity The principle of this method is the ability of superoxide dismutase enzyme to inhibit the autoxidation of epinephrine. Seed Availability Seeds are not available for the Cagaita.

A mean flux after 2 hours process was 20 L. The relative values were determined by counting the coincident points in the test grid and dividing them by the total number of points. Furthermore, the liver showed congestion and hydropic degeneration.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Materials and Reagents Bovine serum albumin, quercetin, aluminium chloride, 5: However, further experiments need to be done to elucidate our interpretation. Syzygium oleosum Blue Lilly Pilly. Voltammetric experiments were carried out in a three-electrode system, whose working electrode consisted of glassy carbon.

Some authors suggest that intestinal hemorrhage is associated with a significant localized inflammatory response in the mucosa and serosa, which they attributed to intestinal endotoxemia [ 4344 ]. Concerning total superoxide dismutase activity in cortices and hippocampi, this enzyme is known to be hindered by aluminium salts, and results display the same trend, as group II presented statistically significant activity reduction.

The presence of nanoparticles of less than 1 micrometers was still observed, but in low frequency 0.