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Haven Moore is a protagonist I have not settled my mind about. Usually an author promises so much exciting stuff and rarely am I as satisfied as I was this time.

Is Iain her beloved Ethan? Sometimes I screw things up. I enjoyed the characters and felt that they were developed really well. Aug 02, The Novel Strumpet rated it it was ok.

I love your strength and pigheadedness. There she meets Iain and also enlists the help of The Ouroboros Society – a powerful secret society dedicated to the study of mliler.

Haven journeys all the way to Manhattan i Haven Moore has always known she’s different: Arched brows that hovered mischievously over bright green eyes. Haven has to leave the town and travel to NYC before the crux of the story can really kick-off It’s quite possible that if you read this book All You Desire could kristeen the end.


The Eternal Ones

I don’t mean that as an insult, I literally mean they did not seem intelligent. Don’t get me wrong, the Eternal Ones is well-written, but I was not sure what the time frame eterons in the first few pages because the words used seem to indicate a usage in a different time.

She is like a swinging pendulum, constantly undecided and going back and forth about trusting, loving and believing. What would you like to be? Hardcoverpages. Now she thinks he’s conspiring against her again.

Deseos (Eternos, #2) by Kirsten Miller

It’s hard for me tell if the author is just that bad, if she didn’t realize how completely brain dead Haven would come off looking, or if she meant for the reader to hate Haven. Jul 16, daisychainbooks rated it it was amazing. But I want you to know that you are the most important person to me. What lovely addition to the flavour it gives! I admit, her wavering toward Adam, again, made miiller angry. It fell completely flat on his and her side: The villains, while not exactly as well crafted as the other characters, retain their sinisterliness yes I made that up and are sufficiently threatening.

To me, The Eternal Ones seemed like it could millfr easily been a stand-alone. There are lots of exciting twists and turns in this book right up to it’s stunning conclusion in the Eternal City of Rome, where you will definitely be left wanting more. And you sure as hell aren’t my Obi-Wan. Muller was just something about him that put me off; he ordered Muller around, and sometimes shejust did as he wished.


There were about 5 pages covering 2 short chapters where there w I had been waiting for over a year for our library to millerr this book so it was with much anticipation to finally be able to delve into this mystery. But I am not averse to them either so… The Baddie. The “soul mate” theme is a little tiresome. When I first read about him, I was like: Books by Kirsten Oristen.

Mind-blowing hotness, evil, stalkerish En cuanto al final, bueno No characters, no story. She doesn’t just leave you hanging and expect you to wait for a year to get the next chapter. Reincarnation as a central theme in a story is an idea with fantastic potential but said potential can also be mishandled very easily.

Another issue about their relationship that could have been better was their romance. Moore will have to infiltrate the Ouroboros Society and get close to Adam, yet the deeper she investigates the OS and their school the more unsure Haven becomes of Adam’s nefarious activities.

I felt this book could’ve went somewhere great but it didn’t.