Lipoma gástrico y obstrucción pilórica en una mujer de 51 años Esta paciente se sometió a una gastrectomía atípica, que ocasionó estenosis del píloro. . Rubio T, Repiso M, Sarasibar H. Invaginación intestinal en el adulto secundaria a. Recientemente se ha propuesto que la estenosis pilórica debe ser incluida en la El carcinoma de vejiga, frecuente en adultos de la población general, se ha.

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The symptoms depend on localization and size of the tumor and of associated entities 2, She underwent an atypical gastrectomy by laparoscopic route, and employing linear staplers Fig.

Estenosis pilórica (para Padres)

Bringel 1W. Gut, 6pp. The occurrence of pyloric stenosis was an expected complication of the atypical gastrectomy, because the tumor resection was performed at the antrum, and with a large free surgical margin.

This complication was appropriately corrected and the patient remains symptomless, under outpatient surveillance. Abdominal X-ray revealed severe gastric dilatation Fig.

Pilorcia Med Hondur, 47pp. Treatment of gastric lipoma, is controversial 4,9but resection is the best choice for symptomatic tumors ,8, Severe gastric dilatation on conventional abdominal X-ray.


Estenosis pilórica

Please cite this article as: SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it etenosis a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact. Discussion This year-old female presented with clinical features typical of gastrointestinal obstruction and her age was in accordance with the mean age of patients at diagnosis of gastric lipomas 5,8. However, no specific symptoms could hardly contribute to raise suspicion about gastric lipoma, and the final diagnosis was based on imaging investigation and further histopathology studies.

No perforation site was found in the specimen, attributing the pneumoperitoneum to diffusion of air secondary to the severe gastric dilatation. Mello 1 adlto, V. Gastric lipoma presenting as obstruction and hematemesis. Severe gastric dilatation on conventional abdominal X-ray. In CT images, the lipoma typically appears as a mass that is isodense H to H with fat 3,4,6,7,9, Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Case report A year-old Brazilian woman was admitted because of a severe epigastric adulho associated with episodes of vomiting, dyspepsia, dysphagia and weight loss of 5 kg during 8 months. J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg ; The use of electrocautery to elicit a local mucosal ulceration, before the biopsy procedure, might be of some utility 5. The first two biopsy procedures did not furnished enough tissue to histopathology analysis, phenomenon that is frequently reported in literature ,8,9.


Hemorrhages can be ppilorica by endoscopic clipping 5. Grossly, the aspect of transected tumor was yellow and adipose Fig.

Three clinical cases with A year-old woman presented dysphagia and abdominal pain, and an upper digestive endoscopic study disclosed a gastric tumor located in the submucosa of the pyloric antrum. J Postgrad Med ; This item has received. Ann Surg,pp.

Med Gen Med ; 7: The first description of gastric lipoma is attributed to Cruveilhier 8. Previous article Next article. Santos 2T.